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  Head of Design Zocdoc [Design
Zocdoc helps you find a doctor who accepts your insurance, check availability & book appointment.

  Director of Brand Partnerships Casper [Other
Casper is a sleep startup re-imagining the experience of purchasing a mattress.

  Social Media Producer The Economist [Marketing
The Economist is a premier destination for intelligent analysis, debate & community on global agenda.

  Data Science Instructor NYC Data Science Academy [Programming
Learn R, Python, Hadoop & Spark in just 12 weeks, with our full support as we help you lift your career.

  Principal Product Manager (Nasdaq Private Market) Nasdaq Omx [Product
Nasdaq is the second-largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization.

  VP of Strategic Accounts Brickwork [Sales
Brickwork's SaaS platform powers the pre-visit experience to the physical store.

  Senior Engineer Brickwork [Programming
Brickwork's SaaS platform powers the pre-visit experience to the physical store.
Product Design Apprenticeship  Prolific Interactive (Design) 

Product Designer  Prolific Interactive (Design) 

Product/UX Researcher  Bonobos (Design) 

Sr. UX/UI Designer  Fareportal (Design) 

Product Designer  StartUp Health (Design) 

Freelance Designer  Fluid (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern  Crisis Text Line (Design, Internship) 

Lead Designer (UX/UI)  Maker's Row (Design) 
Interaction Designer   Iex (Design) 

Presentation Designer   Intersection (Design) 

Senior Visual Designer  Harrys (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Prolific Interactive (Design) 

Product Designer  Atlantic Media (Design) 

Product Design Intern  Girls Who Code (Design, Internship) 

Senior UX Researcher  Atlassian (Design) 

Senior Mobile Designer, JIRA  Atlassian (Design) 
Senior UX Researcher  Atlassian (Design) 
Design Manager  Tommy John (Design) 

Xbox Sr. Designer  Aol (Design) 
Design Intern, Voyat  Intent Media (Design, Internship) 
Junior Visual Design Internship  SportsRecruits (Design, Internship) 
Design Strategy Lead  Casper (Design) 

Product Designer  Giphy (Design) 

Web Designer  Bounce Exchange (Design) 

New York - Designer Intern  Critical Mass (Design, Internship) 

Linux Systems Administrator  DigitalOcean (Design) 

Creative Design Intern  iCrossing (Design, Internship) 

Senior Interior Designer, WeLive  WeWork (Design) 

Design Project Archivist  Refinery29 (Design) 

Product Designer  Refinery29 (Design) 

Interior Designer, WeLive  WeWork (Design) 

Marketing and Design Intern  Per Scholas (Design, Internship) 

Executive Director, Business Development, Design Innovation  R/GA Ventures (Design) 

UX Researcher  Atlassian (Design) 
Designer (Product)  Handy (Design) 

Senior UI Designer  Kargo (Design) 

Senior Web Designer  Upside (Design) 

Senior Web Designer  Upside (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Reorg Research (Design) 

Experience Design Lead (Digital/Experiential)  Co:Collective (Design) 

Service Design Lead  Co:Collective (Design) 

UX Researcher  Atlassian (Design) 
Junior Visual Designer  Brit + Co (Design) 

User Experience Design Intern  eMarketer (Design, Internship) 
Senior Designer  Critical Mass (Design) 

Designer  Critical Mass (Design) 
Designer  Critical Mass (Design) 

Senior Designer  Critical Mass (Design) 

Senior Environmental Graphic Designer, Enterprise  WeWork (Design) 
Senior UX Copywriter  Huge (Design) 

Product Design Intern  Square (Design, Internship) 

Senior UX Designer  Atlassian (Design) 

UX Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

UX Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Interaction Designer  Food52 (Design) 
Head of Design  Zocdoc (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Olo (Design) 

Product Design Intern  Square (Design, Internship) 
Design Intern (Summer)  Triplelift (Design, Internship) 

Graphic Designer  Thrive Global (Design) 

Freelance Senior Interaction Designer NY  Smart Design (Design) 

Senior Designer  R/GA Ventures (Design) 

Junior Designer  Freshly (Design) 
UX Design Manager  Atlassian (Design) 

Senior UI Designer  Atlassian (Design) 
Assistant Knitwear Designer   MM.LaFleur (Design) 

UX / UI Intern  Boxed (Design, Internship) 

Senior Digital Designer  Dashlane (Design) 

Product Design Internship  Tumblr (Design, Internship) 

Graphic Designer  TodayTix (Design) 

UX Researcher  Bluecore (Design) 
UX Design Intern  Mark43 (Design, Internship) 
Product Designer (Search & Discovery)  Teachers Pay Teachers (Design) 

Product Designer  Teachers Pay Teachers (Design) 

Product Design Intern  Agrilyst (Design, Internship) 

Digital Product Designer  LittleBits (Design) 

Digital Product Design Lead  LittleBits (Design) 

UX/UI Design Lead  Industrial Color (Design) 
Creative Director  Skilled Creative (Design) 

Copywriter  Skilled Creative (Design) 

Project Manager  Skilled Creative (Design) 

Creative Technologist  Skilled Creative (Design) 

UX Researcher  NowThis (Design) 

Product Designer  NowThis (Design) 

Product Design Lead  NowThis (Design) 

Motion Graphics Designer  NowThis (Design) 

Graphic Designer  WeWork (Design) 

Digital Product Designer  Namely (Design) 

UX Designer, Growth Team  Atlassian (Design) 
Creative Agency Strategist   Skilled Creative (Design) 

UX Designer, Growth Team  Atlassian (Design) 
Marketing Designer   Justworks (Design) 

Digital Design Intern (Winter) - Backstage  Backstage (Design, Internship) 

Retail Store Designer  Warby Parker (Design) 

Freelance Graphic Designer  Pmk Bnc (Design) 

Product Designer - Enterprise Products  Foursquare (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Animoto (Design) 

Media Designer  Mic (Design) 

Freelance Motion Graphics Designer/Animator  Refinery29 (Design) 

Product Designer  Square (Design) 

Digital Designer  Away (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Vox Media (Design) 

Visual Designer  Clear (Design) 

Digital Product Designer  LittleBits (Design) 

Digital Product Design Lead  LittleBits (Design) 

Senior UX Designer - Freelance  Animoto (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern  Crisis Text Line (Design, Internship) 

UX Designer  Lifion By ADP (Design) 

Associate UX Designer  Bounce Exchange (Design) 

UX Designer  Crowdtap (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Animoto (Design) 

Product Designer, The Intercept   First Look Media (Design) 

Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor  Vimeo (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Visual Designer  Dom & Tom (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Brickwork (Design) 

Product Designer  Cockroach Labs (Design) 

Senior Visual Designer   ClassPass (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Harrys (Design) 

Interior Design Intern  WeWork (Design, Internship) 

Product Design Intern  LittleBits (Design, Internship) 

Graphic Designer  MindBodyGreen (Design) 

Retail Experience Designer  Sweetgreen (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Harrys (Design) 

Technical Design Intern  Bonobos (Design, Internship) 

Brand & Presentation Designer  Huge (Design) 

Digital Product Design Lead  LittleBits (Design) 

Digital Product Designer  LittleBits (Design) 

Design Manager, Creative & Strategy  Foursquare (Design) 

Visual Designer   Wink (Design) 

Product Designer  Datadog (Design) 

Visual Designer  Datadog (Design) 

JEWELRY DESIGNERS (Associate & Designer Level)  BaubleBar (Design) 

UX Designer  Addepar (Design) 

Senior UX/UI Designer  Atlassian (Design) 

Senior UX/UI Designer  CommonBond (Design) 

Senior Graphic Designer  BGB Group (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Sailthru (Design) 

UX/UI Designer  Rocketrip (Design) 

Senior Visual Designer, Product Design  SYPartners (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Designer, Sales Marketing  Gawker Media (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

3D Designer  Mohawk Group (Design) 

UI Designer  PolicyGenius (Design) 

Huge Experience Design School   Huge (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

UX Writer  Lifion By ADP (Design) 

UX/UI Designer  Kustomer (Design) 

Junior UI/UX Designer   Makerbot (Design) 

Junior Array Design Intern (Spring & Summer)  Level Solar (Design, Internship) 

UI/UX Designer  Everwise (Design) 

Senior Designer  Ceros (Design) 

Product Designer - NYC  Magnetic (Design) 

Senior Designer  Tommy John (Design) 

Print + Digital Designer  Tribeca Film Festival (Design) 

Interactive Design Instructor   Ceros (Design) 

Senior Graphic Designer  Trustpilot (Design) 

Product Designer (UX, Design and Prototyping)  Beyond (Design) 

Design Researcher  Movable Ink (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Movable Ink (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  YouVisit (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern  OEC Group (Design, Internship) 

Digital Product Design Lead  LittleBits (Design) 

Technical Design - Sample Coordinator  Everlane (Design) 

Visual Designer (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Master & Dynamic (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Master & Dynamic (Design) 

Associate Design Director   Flywheel Sports (Design) 

Junior Designer, US Office  Synthesio (Design) 

Digital Product Designer  LittleBits (Design) 

UX Designer/Information Architect  Reorg Research (Design) 

Head of Design, WeLive  WeWork (Design) 

Interior Designer, WeLive  WeWork (Design) 

Storytelling Front-End Designer  Vox Media (Design) 

Director of Design   Originate (Design) 

Mobile Product Designer  XO Group (Design) 

Product Designer (Design) 

Designer (Freelance)  Propoint Graphics (Design) 

Interaction Designer - New York, NY  Shapeways (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Smartling (Design) 

Development Team Lead - Design Platform  Atlassian (Design) 

Director of Product Design  Casper (Design) 

Interactive Designer  Area 17 (Design) 

Senior UX Designer   Makerbot (Design) 

Senior Product Designer, Bitbucket  Atlassian (Design) 

Design & Growth Intern  Klara (Design, Internship) 

Design Associate, NYC (Jan-April)  TechStars (Design) 

Senior UI Designer  Atlassian (Design) 

Print and Web Design Intern  Aol (Design, Internship) 

Designer  Expa (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Newsela (Design) 

Interior Designer  WeWork (Design) 

Graphic Designer  LittleBits (Design) 

Social Media Community Manager + Jr. Designer/Motion  IdeaWork Studios (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, StatusPage  Atlassian (Design) 

Senior Designer, Bitbucket  Atlassian (Design) 

Product Design Intern, Spring 2017  Birchbox (Design, Internship) 

UX Research Intern - Spring 2017  DoSomething (Design, Internship) 

UI/UX Designer - Startup NYC  Sweeten (Design) 

Senior Front-End Designer  Vox Media (Design) 

Junior Brand Designer  Casper (Design) 

Senior Product & UX Designer  OnDeck (Design) 

Junior Project Manager - Store Design  Bonobos (Design) 

Design Director  Huge (Design) 

FREELANCE - Motion Graphics Designer  Propoint Graphics (Design) 

Visual Designer  Centric Digital (Design) 

Lead Mobile UX/UI Designer   PlanSnap (Design) 

Freelance Graphic Designer  Whistle Sports (Design) 

Junior Visual Designer  SportsRecruits (Design) 

Director of Product Design  Namely (Design) 

Freelance Designer  SiteCompli (Design) 

Designer-in-Residence  StartUp Health (Design) 

Editorial Graphic Designer  Thrillist (Design) 

Motion Graphics Designer/Editor  Vevo (Design) 

Senior Designer  Atlassian (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Away (Design) 

Design Intern (January to June 2017)  SYPartners (Design, Internship) 

Digital Brand Designer   Greenhouse (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Clarifai (Design) 

Training Design & Development Specialist  WeWork (Design) 

Senior Digital Designer  Hypebeast (Design) 

Designer  Tinybop (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Mic (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Venmo (Design) 

Visual (Digital/Multimedia) Designer  Appboy (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, Purch B2C  Purch (Design) 

Visual Designer  Freshly (Design) 

UX Researcher  Foursquare (Design) 

Product Designer, Caviar  Square (Design) 

Senior Designer  Atlassian (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Lyst (Design) 

Design Coordinator  Harrys (Design) 

Graphic Designer  OnDeck (Design) 

Designer, HipChat  Atlassian (Design) 

User Experience Designer  Area 17 (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Zocdoc (Design) 

Senior UI/UX Designer   Makerbot (Design) 

Designer, Bitbucket  Atlassian (Design) 

Interactive Designer  Guggenheim Museums & Foundation (Design) 

Designer  The Barbarian Group (Design) 

Senior Designer  Aol (Design) 

Senior Designer   Thuzio (Design) 

Senior Designer  Vox Media (Design) 

Junior Designer  Oscar Health (Design) 

Digital Designer (Contract)  Harrys (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, Purch B2C  Purch (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, Growth Team  Atlassian (Design) 

Social Designer  Vevo (Design) 

UX Designer  Mavin (Design) 

Motion Graphics Designer  Mic (Design) 

Freelance Graphic Designer  Swish (White Girl Wine) (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern - winter 2017  Business Insider (Design, Internship) 

Product Designer  Codecademy (Design) 

Presentation Designer (Contract)  Atlassian (Design) 

UX Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Atlassian (Design) 

Copy of Senior Designer  Tinybop (Design) 

Clinical research nurse with an analytical mind and an eye for user-centric design  Pixie Scientific (Design) 

Book Covers Design Intern // Marketing Design Intern (for credit)  Open Road Media (Design, Internship) 

Product Designer  Zibby (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Spring (Design) 

Freelance UX Designer  Bark & Co (Design) 

Product Designer  Axial (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  WeWork (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Master & Dynamic (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, Purch B2C  Purch (Design) 

Designer  Abacus (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Product Designer  Cadre (Design) 

Product Designer  Policy Genius (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, Purch B2C  Purch (Design) 

Marketing & Communications Designer  Handy (Design) 

Junior Graphic Designer, Operations MTO Team- Temporary Assignment  BaubleBar (Design) 

Lead UX/UI Designer  Caredox (Design) 

Freelance Graphic Designer  Bonobos (Design) 

Junior Designer  Triplelift (Design) 

Product Designer  Dropbox (Design) 

Marketing Designer  ClassPass (Design) 

Graphic Designer, Marketing  Eyeview (Design) 

Graphic Designer  MM.LaFleur (Design) 

Product Designer  Skillshare (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, Purch B2C  Purch (Design) 

Junior Designer  The Players' Tribune (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Datadog (Design) 

Product Designer Intern-UI/UX-Winter/Spring 2017  Noom (Design, Internship) 

Junior Designer - Men's  Outdoor Voices (Design) 

Freelance Designer, Creator Platform  Vimeo (Design) 

Associate Graphic Designer, Marketplace  Vimeo (Design) 

Product Designer  Electric Objects (Design) 

Visual Designer  Hightower (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern  Common (Design, Internship) 

Sr. Product Designer  Vimeo (Design) 

Game UI Designer & Artist - (Project Based Contractor)  Betaworks (Design) 

Digital Art Director / Visual Designer - Freelance  Schoology (Design) 

Design Intern   Betterment (Design, Internship) 

Instructional Designer  Everwise (Design) 

Store Designer   Warby Parker (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Voxy (Design) 

Digital Lead Designer   Birchbox (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Oscar Health (Design) 

Design Director  Shutterstock (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Honest Buildings (Design) 

Design Intern  Codecademy (Design, Internship) 

Senior Designer, Growth Team  Atlassian (Design) 

Design Team Lead  Atlassian (Design) 

Designer, Atlassian Communities  Atlassian (Design) 

Designer, Atlassian Communities  Atlassian (Design) 

UX Researcher  Atlassian (Design) 

Designer/Frontend Developer, Mevo   Livestream (Design) 

UX/UI Designer  Mighty (Design) 

UI/Design Associate  Eventable (Design) 

Content Marketing Strategist - 3 Month Contract  Ruxly Creative (Design) 

Freelance Web Designer  Ether Studio (Design) 

Photography/Graphic Design Intern  Bow & Drape (Design) 

Product Designer, Mobile and TV  Vimeo (Design) 

Senior Designer  YouVisit (Design) 

Instructional Designer, Technical Courses  General Assembly (Design) 

Product Designer - UX/Visual (Pivotal Labs NYC)  Pivotal (Design) 

Product Designer  Vimeo (Design) 

Interior Design Event Captain  Fluent City (Design) 

Lead Designer, Content Design  Bleacher Report (Design) 

Communications Designer   Bounce Exchange (Design) 

Brand Email Designer  Kickstarter (Design) 

Brand Production Designer  Kickstarter (Design) 

Sr. Brand Designer, Creator Platform  Vimeo (Design) 

UX Designer - Product Focus  Animoto (Design) 

UX Designer  Appboy (Design) 

Senior Designer (Digital), Product Design  SYPartners (Design) 

Sr. Linux Administrator  PulsePoint (Design) 

Product Designer  Zola (Design) 

Freelance Web Designer  Ether Studio (Design) 

UX Designer - Product Focus  Animoto (Design) 

Web Designer - Wordpress  Ruxly Creative (Design) 

Senior UX/UI Designer  Conductor (Design) 

Senior Brand Designer  Managed By Q (Design) 

Editorial Designer  The Outline (Design) 

Paid Design Intern  The Outline (Design, Internship) 

Product Designer  Behalf (Design) 

Design Coordinator  MM.LaFleur (Design) 

Brand Designer (NYC)  Percolate (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Dom & Tom (Design) 

Product Designer  Bond Street (Design) 

Senior Visual Designer  Gust (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern (YC Alumni)  AptDeco (Design, Internship) 

Sr. UX Designer  Sailthru (Design) 

Production Designer  Moat (Design) 

Designer  R/GA (Design) 

Design Director  Noom (Design) 

Senior Designer (Design) 

Product Designer   Artsy (Design) 

Linux System Administrator  Xaxis (Design) 

Marketing and Design Intern  Spring (Design, Internship) 

Yen Press Design Intern  Hachette Book Group (Design, Internship) 

Graphic Designer  YouVisit (Design) 

Interaction UX Designer Mobile - Senior  YouVisit (Design) 

UI Designer Mobile  YouVisit (Design) 

Video Department, Graphics/ Design Intern, Fall  Refinery29 (Design, Internship) 

Product Designer  MongoDB (Design) 

Freelance Visual Designer  Ellevest (Design) 

Initial Commit: Design 2017  Squarespace (Design) 

Packaging Designer  Blue Apron (Design) 

Senior Industrial / Toy Designer  Bark & Co (Design) 

Design Associate, Connection (Oct - Jan 2017)  TechStars (Design) 

Sense UI\/UX Designer\/Consultant  Qlik (Design) 

Designer, O The Oprah Magazine  Hearst Magazines (Design) 

Product Designer  GrubHub (Design) 

Product Designer, Manager  GrubHub (Design) 

UX Designer  FreshDirect (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Gilt (Design) 

Product Designer, Data Tools  Etsy (Design) 

Product Designer, Design Systems  Etsy (Design) 

Product Designer, Etsy Markets  Etsy (Design) 

Product Designer, Listings & Inventory  Etsy (Design) 

Product Designer, Pattern  Etsy (Design) 

Graphic Designer   Flywheel Sports (Design) 

Design Director  Flywheel Sports (Design) 

Designer  B12 (Design) 

Product Designer  B12 (Design) 

3D Designer  Mohawk Group (Design) 

Integrated Designer  Mohawk Group (Design) 

Product Designer  Teachers Pay Teachers (Design) 

Product Designer (Search & Discovery)  Teachers Pay Teachers (Design) 

Creative Director  Human Condition Safety (Design) 

Landor new york design intern  Landor (Design, Internship) 

Senior Designer  Carrot Creative (Design) 

Senior Designer  Superfly (Design) 

UX / UI Designer  TED (Design) 

E-Interior Designer  Havenly (Design) 

Graphic Designer  TrueFacet (Design) 

UX Researcher - Contract Position  Animoto (Design) 

UX Designer - Marketing  Animoto (Design) 

UX Research Intern  Animoto (Design, Internship) 

Interaction Designer - Product  Animoto (Design) 

Visual Design Intern   Handshake (Design, Internship) 

UX Designer  Tommy John (Design) 

Freelance Designer  Propoint Graphics (Design) 

UX Design Lead  Lifion (Design) 

Director, Systems Analysis & Design  Lifion (Design) 

Junior Graphic Designer  Celmatix (Design) 

Junior Digital Designer  Glossier (Design) 

UI/UX Designer  Aetion (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Inturn (Design) 

Experience Designer, Retail  Intersection (Design) 

Sponsored Lenses Concept Designer  Snapchat (Design) 

Graphic Designer  BaubleBar (Design) 

Technical Design Manager  Tommy John (Design) 

Freelance Junior Designer  Likeable Media (Design) 

Director, Product Design  Digital Ocean (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Index Exchange (Design) 

Director of Design  Outdoor Voices (Design) 

Director of Technical Design  Outdoor Voices (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Outdoor Voices (Design) 

Senior Designer  Knot Standard (Design) 

Director of Design (Design) 

Senior Product Designer (Design) 

Marketing Designer (Design) 

Senior Digital Designer  Karhoo (Design) 

Marketing Graphic Designer  fuboTV (Design) 

UX Designer  Mavin (Design) 

Visual Designer  Honest Buildings (Design) 

Senior Visual Designer  Mark43 (Design) 

Senior Graphic Designer  Mark43 (Design) 

Senior Product Designer (UX/UI)  Mark43 (Design) 

Marketing Graphic Designer - Freelance, Part-time  Level Solar (Design) 

Array Design Lead  Level Solar (Design) 

Junior Solar Array Designer (Full-time & Internships)  Level Solar (Design, Internship) 

Web Designer  Kustomer (Design) 

Head of Product Design  Meetup (Design) 

Designer  Carrot Creative (Design) 

Product/UX Analyst  Peloton Cycle (Design) 

Visual Designer  Peloton Cycle (Design) 

Product Designer (Software)  Peloton Cycle (Design) 

UI Designer  Peloton Cycle (Design) 

Vice President Design, Marketing  Peloton Cycle (Design) 

Senior User Experience Designer  Gust (Design) 

Web Designer Strategic Partnerships (Design) 

Senior UX/UI Designer  Commerce Hub (Design) 

UX/UI Designer   Commerce Hub (Design) 

Senior Product Designer (Visual)  Spring (Design) 

Digital Designer  Spring (Design) 

Contemporary Design Specialist (Full-time or Part-time)  1stdibs (Design) 

Lead Interaction Designer  1stdibs (Design) 

Mobile Interaction Designer  1stdibs (Design) 

Senior Interaction Designer  1stdibs (Design) 

Senior UX/UI Designer  Shoptiques (Design) 

Senior UX/UI Designer, Merchant  Shoptiques (Design) 

Senior Designer   Schoology (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Schoology (Design) 

Senior Industrial Designer  Smart Design (Design) 

VP, Interaction Design  Smart Design (Design) 

Senior Visual Designer NY  Smart Design (Design) 

Junior Product Designer  Newsela (Design) 

Graphic Designer (2 week contract)  Shutterstock (Design) 

Freelance Visual Designer  Fluid (Design) 

Freelance UX Designer  Fluid (Design) 

Graphic Designer Intern (Web)  Viyet (Design, Internship) 

Senior Product Designer  Chartbeat (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Four Mine (Design) 

Product Designer  Grovo (Design) 

Senior Product & UX Designer  OnDeck (Design) 

Principal Product Designer  Shutterstock (Design) 

Product Designer  Shutterstock (Design) 

Educator/Designer  BrainStation (Design) 

Junior Editorial Designer  The Outline (Design) 

Editorial Design Director  The Outline (Design) 

Graphic Designer - Marketing  SecurityScorecard (Design) 

Designer/Animator  Magnet Media, Inc. (Design) 

Junior Digital Designer   Birchbox (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Makerbot (Design) 

Visual Designer  Orchard Platform (Design) 

Marketing Animator/Designer (Design) 

Designer, BI Studios  Business Insider (Design) 

GRAPHIC DESIGNER  TrueFacet (Design) 

Designer, Snapchat Studio (Freelance)  Vox Media (Design) 

Senior UX Designer, Purch B2C  Purch (Design) 

Visual Design Internship  Chexology (Design, Internship) 

Product Marketing Designer  Genius (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern (YCombinator Alumni)  AptDeco (Design) 

Director of UX  Civic Hall Labs (Design) 

Design Associate, IoT (Sept - Jan)  TechStars (Design) 

Digital Designer   Birchbox (Design) 

Freelance Information Architect - UX Design  Truffle Pig (Design) 

Design Associate  Techstars (Design) 

Jr. UX Researcher  Olapic (Design) 

Head of Product Design  Bookspan (Design) 

Visual Designer  Fareportal (Design) 

Brand Production Designer  Kickstarter (Design) 

Brand Email Designer  Kickstarter (Design) 

GRAPHIC DESIGNER  TrueFacet (Design) 

UX Researcher  Tommy John (Design) 

Associate Designer  Tommy John (Design) 

Assistant Designer  Tommy John (Design) 

Visual Designer  YieldBot (Design) 

Design Researcher  Movable Ink (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Movable Ink (Design) 

Senior Visual Designer  GameChanger Media (Design) 

Product Designer  Justworks (Design) 

Product Designer  Oscar Health (Design) 

Brand Designer  Oscar Health (Design) 

Visual Effects Designer  Snapchat (Design) 

Marketing Design Lead  ClassPass (Design) 

Design Director, freelance  R/GA (Design) 

Design Director  R/GA (Design) 

UX Designer  VTS (Design) 

Lead Product Designer  Agrilyst (Design) 

Senior Graphic Designer  Bark & Co (Design) 

Senior Designer  R/GA (Design) 

Front-End Designer, Vox Media  Vox Media (Design) 

Digital and Print Designer, Freelance to Full Time  Aloha (Design) 

Junior Graphic Designer  Aloha (Design) 

Junior Designer  Rent the Runway (Design) 

Motion Graphics Designer  Bustle (Design) 

Director of Design  Olapic (Design) 

Designer  Vox Media (Design) 

Design Lead  Hightower (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Persado (Design) 

Sr. UX/UI Designer (NY)  Originate (Design) 

UI/UX Designer   Booker (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  XO Group (Design) 

User Experience Designer   XO Group (Design) 

Web Design Consultant  Codecademy (Design) 

Junior Graphic Designer  Celmatix (Design) 

UX Designer  Better Mortgage (Design) 

Front-End Designer  Vox Media (Design) 

Product Designer  Canary (Design) 

VP, User Experience and Design   XO Group (Design) 

Design Intern, The Knot  XO Group (Design, Internship) 

Product Design Director  Huge (Design) 

Graphic Designer  SeatGeek (Design) 

Freelance UX Designer  Fluid (Design) 

Marketing Designer, Bleacher Report (NYC)  Bleacher Report (Design) 

Designer-in-Residence  Newark Venture Partners (Design) 

Graphic Design Manager  Harrys (Design) 

Head of Design  Vimeo (Design) 

Designer - Conversion  Plated (Design) 

UX Research Intern - Fall 2016  DoSomething (Design, Internship) 

Senior Designer  Tinybop (Design) 

Web Designer  Tinybop (Design) 

Interactive Designer  Maker's Row (Design) 

Designer - Animator, Snapchat Studio  Vox Media (Design) 

Email Design Consultant  General Assembly (Design) 

Designer  Atlantic Media (Design) 

Designer  Atlantic Media (Design) 

Experience Designer  R/GA (Design) 

UX Designer - Freelance  Area17 (Design) 

Senior Designer  The Barbarian Group (Design) 

Marketing Design Intern  Spongecell (Design, Internship) 

Design Director - New York, NY  Shapeways (Design) 

Vice President of User Experience & Design  Shutterstock (Design) 

Junior Designer  SecurityScorecard (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Managed By Q (Design) 

Jr. Motion Designer  Vox Media (Design) 

Jr. Visual Designer  Shopkeep (Design) 

Product Designer  Work Market (Design) 

Product/UX Designer  Bonobos (Design) 

Instructional Designer  Shutterstock (Design) 

Design Project Coordinator  Refinery29 (Design) 

Training Design & Development Specialist  WeWork (Design) 

Freelance Graphic Designer  TodayTix (Design) 

Freelance Motion Designer  TodayTix (Design) 

Graphic Designer (Contract)  Expa (Design) 

Instructional Designer (Contractor)  Makerbot (Design) 

Brand Designer  BuzzFeed (Design) 

Exciting Opportunity for Freelance Interior Designer  Fluent City (Design) 

Exciting Opportunity for Freelance Interior Designer  Fluent City (Design) 

Exciting Opportunity for Freelance Interior Designer  Fluent City (Design) 

Exciting Opportunity for Freelance Interior Designer  Fluent City (Design) 

Web Designer  SheKnows Media (Design) 

Senior Designer  R/GA (Design) 

Visual Designer  Vector Media Group (Design) 

Project Manager, Content Elevation Design  Bleacher Report (Design) 

Senior Product Designer, Audience  Vimeo (Design) 

Design Talent Director  SYPartners (Design) 

Design Professional - New Development  Compass (Design) 

Junior Graphic Designer  PetFlow (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Foursquare (Design) 

Junior Designer  Via - On-Demand Transit (Design) 

Front End / UI / UX Designer  MedicaSafe, Inc (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  XO Group (Design) 

Contract Graphic Designer   Sailthru (Design) 

Freelance Junior Visual Designer  R/GA (Design) 

Freelance Designer  R/GA (Design) 

Product Designer  Freshly (Design) 

Designer  Brooklyn United (Design) 

Senior Designer  Brooklyn United (Design) 

Senior UX Designer  Addepar (Design) 

Motion / Graphic Designer  NowThis News (Design) 

Lead UX/UI Designer  Magnetic (Design) 

Product Designer  Justworks (Design) 

Senior UX/UI Interaction Designer  Fareportal (Design) 

UI Designer  Talkspace (Design) 

Product Designer (New York, NY)  Bedrocket Media Ventures (Design) 

Graphic Designer  MindBodyGreen (Design) 

Visual Principle Designer  Shutterstock (Design) 

Design Associate, NYC (July-Oct)  TechStars (Design) 

Senior Industrial & Experience Designer   Makerbot (Design) 

Visual & Interactive Designer  Voxy (Design) 

Product Designer  Bitly (Design) 

UI Designer   Ceros (Design) 

Designer, Branded Content  Bleacher Report (Design) 

Art Director/UX Designer  Naked (Design) 

Mid-Level Designer  Originate (Design) 

Web Design Project Manager  Squarespace (Design) 

Pypebot Designer & Enterprise Business Analyst   Pypestream (Design) 

Visual Designer  Freshly (Design) 

Technology and Lower School STEAM Teacher   Convent of the Sacred Heart (Design) 

Assistant Designer  Bonobos (Design) 

Junior Cut & Sew Designer  Everlane (Design) 

Private Label Packaging Designer  Boxed (Design) 

Senior Marketing Designer  Airtime (Design) 

Freelance Visual Designer  Fluid (Design) 

Product Designer  Freshly (Design) 

Technical Design Intern  Everlane (Design, Internship) 

UX Designer  Tinybop (Design) 

Designer  XO Group (Design) 

Mobile App Designer  Harrys (Design) 

Senior Product Designer  Venmo (Design) 

UX Designer  Shutterstock (Design) 

Senior Designer   Warby Parker (Design) 

Graphic Designer  Thrillist (Design) 

Digital Designer  Freshly (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern  TodayTix (Design, Internship) 

UI/UX (or Graphics) Designer  Madison Logic (Design) 

Graphic Design Intern  Harrys (Design, Internship) 
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