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GiveDirectly // crypto-powered charity initiative
New York or London    Posted: Monday, May 13, 2019
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About GiveDirectly:

The Brookings Institution estimates that the theoretical amount of money required to move everyone from below the poverty line up to the poverty line is $80B a year. The government aid sector currently spends $140B each year, while US charitable giving is about $400B annually. Much of those funds go towards interventions known not to work or lacking any evidence at all. We want to change that by establishing cash as a benchmark (like Vanguard did with index funds for the financial industry), & in the process accelerate the end of extreme poverty.

GD has raised over $200m since launching in 2011, delivered cash to more than 125,000 families, & launched offices in 7 countries. Weve also supported large-scale, experimental research that indicates strong recipient impact of our programs. As a result GD has been celebrated as one of the most innovative non-profit companies by Fast Company, while the growing cash transfer movement & GDs leading role within it have been featured in the New York Times Magazine, This American Life, Foreign Affairs, & The Economist.

Were looking for exceptional talent to create & administer processes that are critical to GD's mission & next phase of growth.Our culture is blunt, analytical, non-hierarchical, & fast-paced. We recruit candidates from top organizations across all industries - our team has hailed from consultancies, investment banks, start-ups, non-profits, & government to name a few. We offer competitive salary & benefits & performance-based bonuses. Read more about our values below.

Role Overview:

You'll be responsible forcreatingandmanaging processes to protectGD's recipients & team, ensuring GD can continue to deliver funds to some of the poorest people in the world.

  • Compliance: Research & create new policies, maintain& train team members & partners on existing ones. Broadly, ensure that GD'sinternal standards are sufficient to keep recipients & team members safe & meet our legal obligations.
  • Grants Management:Ensure GD meets requirements in grant agreements with some of the largestand most innovative funders in the world.
  • People:Create & administer processes forcore areas like performance reviews, salary benchmarking,and hiring.
  • Special projects: Support CFO on a variety of projects, with potential for exposure to GD's research, partnerships, andfinancial planning & analsysis.

Desired abilities/experience

  • Prior work experience at a high performing public or private organization
  • Strong alignment with GD values (below)
  • Passion forcreating effective, elegant processes
  • Exceptionalsynthesis & problem solving skills


GD Values

Recipients first.

We prioritize recipient preferences over those of donors or ourselves.

We do not impose our preferences, or judgments, on the beneficiaries; instead we respect & empower them to make their own choices, elevating their voices in the global aid debate. This value is core to GiveDirectlys identity as the first organization exclusively devoted to putting the poor in control of how aid money is spent. It comes at a potential cost, as it means that neither we nor donors get to set priorities (and we may even lose some efficiency in providing this option).

Team next.

We do whats best for organizational - not individual - success.

This is a team sport, where we will succeed (or fail) together. The best players are not those with the best individual statistics, but those with biggest impact on our overall performance. We avoid territoriality, self-promotion, & Im above this attitudes.

Be proactively candid.

We say what we believe, & are honest in sharing information.

Having confidence that other people are telling us what they truly believe, without gloss or omission, is critical to effective communication & to our ability to learn & grow from feedback. We owe it to each other - & our donors - to instill this confidence even though giving & receiving information candidly are unusual in both professional & social life, & can be very uncomfortable.

Create positive energy

We strive to be a source - not drain - of energy for our colleagues.

Our work is hard, practically & emotionally, & we cannot overemphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, enjoying the company of our colleagues, & not taking ourselves too seriously. In doing so, we aspire to generate energy & excitement amongst our colleagues in pursuing our mission. This should not preclude candor, & we aspire to achieve both.

Think rigorously; act quickly.

We are intellectually rigorous with a drive towards action - not debate.

We reason from first principles, grounding our decisions in objective claims about the world, rather than hard-to-disprove assertions or hierarchy. We aim to brainstorm inclusively & respectfully, but critically self-vet ideas we put forward, so as to ensure productive & prudent decision making.

Demanding this level of rigor forces us to think harder about decisions & our assumptions than we otherwise might. This is a real cost. It can be taken too far: it is possible to overthink decisions, & we avoid debate for the sake of debate. We are not here to philosophize or ensure consensus. We decide & act quickly, avoiding getting bogged down in debates.

Accept reality. Propose solutions.

We do not dwell on problems. We work actively to create solutions.

There will always be an endless list of things to improve. We focus on the things that can be changed; find the most important of those things, & propose actionable answers. We do not allow problems to weigh us down & be a source of negativity. We are forward looking, which we believe not only leads to better team outcomes, but also creates a more enjoyable, energizing environment for all.

Be productively ambitious.

We take the risks to pursue industry-changing success, not incremental progress.

We seek step-change improvements at all levels, & are willing to make big-bets; we do not accept complacency nor do we simply optimize existing processes. In doing so, we allow ourselves to dream big with a belief that perceived constraints are merely opportunities for creativity.

Such ambition not only requires hard work (i.e., this is not a 9-5 job), but also a willingness to accept & learn from temporary setbacks & failures. In accepting these failures, were conscious to not point fingers, nor obsess over mistakes made.

Know yourself & grow.

We recognize & accept our imperfections with a focus on growth.

We are an organization of exceptional people & trust in each others abilities, yet we recognize that none of us is perfect. We strive to maintain an accurate understanding of our individual & institutional strengths & weaknesses, in order to position ourselves to maximize our chances of success.

At the same time, we seek personal growth for ourselves & our teammates. Feedback is given with a spirit of helpfulness; & sought out with a desire to learn

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