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Saturday, February 01, 2014 at 10:00 AM    Cost: $99
TurnToTech, 184 5th Ave, 4th Fl

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Calling all dreamers, innovators, & designers-anyone interested in bringing new physical products to market. Learn ShapeJS, & you can leverage industrial 3D printing technology to make your ideals real. No up-front costs or inventory to stock & ship - Shapeways handles the e-commerce, manufacturing, & distribution for you. All you have to do is write code that makes the 3d blueprint for your product.

ShapeJS is a JavaScript-based language & development environment that generates 3D printable objects that can be bought & sold through the Shapeways marketplace, which enables 3D Printing in dozens of physical materials. Your 3D Objects can be printed in precious metals, stainless steel, ceramics, nylon plastics, & more. ShapeJS eliminates the traditional barriers to physical product entrepreneurship-make & sell 100% personalized products just by writing code.


Write JavaScriptin a web page & instantly see geometry generated in a 3D viewer on the right.

Generates 3D objects that are optimized for 3D printing.

Voxel-level control for accurate printing.

Boolean operations that add, subtract, union, & intersect multiple 3D objects with each other.

Manipulate 3D objects with functions such as spherical inversion, plane reflection, & scaling.

Import existing 3D models for dynamic manipulation.

Download resulting 3D objects as an X3D model file.


2D to 3D Creator - Turns 2D black-and-white images into 3D objects.

Holiday Ornament Creator - Turns 2D black-and-white images into 3D ornaments.

Memoring - Having won 2nd place at HackNY, this project uses ShapeJS. And it'll soon be available on iOS.

Other examples can be foundhere.

Getting a head-start:

The documentation for ShapeJS can be foundhere. An open source version of the 2D to 3D creator can be found ongithub. This project includes the ShapeJS script, a very basic web page for interacting with the creator, & a 3D viewer.

What you'll learn:

How Shapeways' marketplace & manufacturing works.

Set up an AWS instance with Oauth to Shapeways API.

Build a custom iPhone case using ShapeJS.

Create a user interface for simplifying input into ShapeJS scripts.

Best practices for creating manufacturable geometry.

For more information about Josh, check his linkedin!
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