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With Kent Dodds (React Consultant), Eve Porcello (Moon Highway), Swizec Teller (Yup), Ben Ilegbodu (Stitch Fix).
Monday, March 30, 2020 at 09:00 AM   Absolutely Free
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Join notable engineers & instructors Kent C. Dodds, Eve Porcello, Swizec Teller, or Ben Ilegbodu for a full-day workshop before the Reactathon conference.

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Please note that an RSVP on meetup does not grant you admission.

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Kent C. Dodds - React Suspense

In this workshop, you will:
- Know how Suspense works fundamentally
- Be able to write your own Suspense-based abstraction
- Understand the benefits & how to of 'render as you fetch'
- Know how to use useTransition & useDeferredValue effectively
- Know how to write your own cache for suspense-based abstractions
- Know how to use to coordinate multiple suspending components

Swizec Teller - Build a Modern Web App with React, GraphQL, & Serverless

In this workshop, you will learn:
- How to set up a static-first webapp with Gatsby
- Why thats important for SEO & speed scores
- How to build good looking UIs without design skills
- How to move some functionality to the backend using a serverless approach
- How to use serverless to store user data
- Using GraphQL to query your data
- How to add user authentication
- How to monetize your creation

Eve Porcello - GraphQL for React Devs

In this workshop, we will cover:
- GraphQL Overview
- Understanding GraphQL Clients
- Setting Up Apollo Client
- Fetching Data in React Components
- Apollo Codegen with TypeScript

Ben Ilegbodu - Intro to Modern React with Hooks

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
- Write readable, reusable & composable components
- Use JSX syntax
- Work with the Virtual DOM
- Handle user interactions & synthetic events
- Maintain application state
- Make API calls
- Apply component styling
- Handle HTML forms & form elements
- And more

Learn more & get tickets at

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