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With Eric Saxby (Co-Founder, Reflective Software), Tony Dang (Web Developer).
Wed, Jun 26, 2024 @ 06:30 PM   FREE   Mechanical Orchard, 1 Post St
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Join us at Mechanical Orchard on June 26th for our first in-person event in a few years. If you are interested in being a backup speaker for this event, or being a speaker for a future event, please contact us.

The space is smallish so we will be limited to 30 attendees. The building requires a list of attendee names so please RSVP via Meetup in order to be allowed to get into the building.


Talk #1: "Data Processing Sans Dependencies"
Eric Saxby, software engineer & co-founder at Reflective Software

From async background processing; to user-uploaded batch imports; to high-volume event queues; to transforming millions or billions of rows in data lakes; to processing years worth of data backlogs, with constantly changing priorities: there is a library that solves all your problems, with code that practically writes itself!In this talk I imagine a world in which data ingestion & processing is solved using only the Elixir & Erlang standard libraries. I'll touch on libraries that do solve these problems-but more for reference & to recognize great work than to show how to use them. Rather, I'll spend time on capabilities that these tools provide: back pressure, rate limiting, throughput limiting, retry, observability, uniqueness constraints, etc. With those features in mind, how can one build resilient data ingestion & processing pipelines using just the built-ins?

Talk #2: Working in Elevators: Extending Phoenix LiveView with Svelte, Service Workers, & CRDTs for Offline Support
Tony Dang, Web Developer & Elixir Newbie :)

Traditionally, the lack of offline support has been seen as a significant limitation of Phoenix & LiveView. However, the Elixir community is advancing this frontier. By using LiveView hooks & projects like LiveSvelte, developers can now integrate JavaScript seamlessly into their LiveView applications, paving the way for offline functionality.

In this talk, Tony will show how he enabled offline capabilities in a Phoenix LiveView project using Svelte, Service Workers, & Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs). This talk aims to inspire further innovation for more robust offline support in Phoenix applications.
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