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With Dario de Santis (Tweelin), Piapian Xu Guthrie (Amotions), Filip Kozera (Wordware), Atal Agarwal (OpenSphere), Natalia Bielczyk (Ontology of Value), Mariane Bekker (Upward), Anna Yuan (ScaleGrowth), Tatyana Isa (KitSF), Gangesh Pathak (OWOW).
Tue, Jun 25, 2024 @ 05:00 PM   FREE   Venue, To Be Announced
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San Francisco is on fire we keep on building AI-driven solutions for the world at the speed of light! But hey, while each one of us is laser focused on solving a particular problem for our clients & stakeholders, we create an economic shift on a global scale. Lets take a helicopter view at our global impact as a community & lets talk about the elephant in the room!nIn this event, we will explore the transformative impact of AI on the workforce. This event will examine AI-driven advancements in various industries, highlighting how these technologies enhance productivity, professional growth, but also mental health. We will discuss the evolving economic landscape, addressing AI's role in job creation, displacement, & skill requirements.nBut with great power comes great responsibility! We will also discuss the opportunities & pitfalls that AI creates for professionals in 2024. Join us to speculate on the future of work in the AI era & the ways to harness AI's potential for sustainable professional development.nThis is a BYOB event cast in one of San Franciscos most hipster offices. We will discuss & speculate in a family atmosphere, among founders, innovators, & AI enthusiasts. Your voice is important! Join us & share your point of view with us :)nnAgendan5pm Doors open, networkingn6pm Part I: Interactive talksn7pm Part II: Discussion panel with recruiters & hiring foundersn7:45pm+ NetworkingnnPart I: Talks (60 min):n1. Keynote Speaker: Dario de Santis, TweelinnTalk title: How to Create a Defensible Workplace AI Product Strategy in Today's Fast-paced MarketnWith Generative AI being already commoditized & capital-intensive, startups who build solutions on top of existing LLMs may risk hindering their ability to differentiate. In this session, we will explore cost-effective strategies to maintain a competitive edge.n2. Piapian Xu Guthrie, AmotionsnTalk title: Empowering New Talent: Leveraging Generative AI for Employee SuccessnIn the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, the integration of fresh talent is crucial for innovation & growth. However, new employees & new leaders often face significant challenges in adapting to unfamiliar environments, mastering job-specific skills, & meeting performance expectations swiftly. This talk explores how generative AI technologies (such as, e.g. the Amotions platform for real-time coaching & up-leveling) can be strategically utilized to accelerate the adaptation process for new hires & new leaders, enabling them to excel from day one.n3. Filip Kozera, Wordware (YC S24)nTalk title: How Will AI Solve Productivity Work & What Will Be Left for Humans?nIn this talk, we will explore how AI-human collaboration will drive productive & creative work in the coming years.Next, we will talk about how ensembles of task-specific agents will be accessed by our personal general agent. How will that transform the role of humans in society & what skills will make the billionaires of the future?n4. Atal Agarwal, OpenSpherenTalk title: Reimagining Migration: Harnessing Generative AI to Solve Migration Policies & Open Borders for Global TalentnAs the world grapples with the complexities of migration & border policies, the need for innovative solutions that promote inclusivity & efficiency has never been greater. This talk examines the pivotal role generative AI can play in reshaping migration policies & addressing the multifaceted challenges of international migration. This talk will focus on the ways AI-driven systems can streamline administrative processes, reducing bureaucratic bottlenecks & accelerating the approval & integration of international talentn5. Natalia Bielczyk, PhD, Ontology of ValuenTalk title: How AI Resembles Human Brain & How It Shapes the Global Labor MarketnWe might soon find ourselves at a point of singularity where another species surpasses us in many of cognitive skills traditionally seen as uniquely human. In this breakout session, we'll discuss similarities & differences between human cerebral cortex & Large Language Models, & the possible consequences for the labor market in the next 10-15 years. What's the future of work & can we make an educated guess? Is Universal Basic Income a utopia, or rather, is it inevitable? Lastly, can we find Pascal's wager, i.e., is there any proven strategy for career & business development, regardless of which socio economic scenario plays out?nnPART II Discussion panel (45min): Recruiters & Hiring Founders on How To Get a Job in Tech in 2024nConfirmed panelists:n1. Mariane Bekker, RECRUITER & VC: Upward RecruitingnMariane is one of the top recruiters & venture studio builders in San Francisco. Her agency Upward Recruiting is a boutique recruitment agency specializing in diversity hiring for technical roles at VC-backed startups.n2. Anna Yuan, HIRING FOUNDER: ScaleGrowthnAnna is an Investor & a Co-founder of ScaleGrowth, an AI-First platform to scale your business with Decision AI solutions that proactively optimize every facet of your operations. At this moment, Anna is hiring for Business Developer & Sales Development Representative positions.n3. Tatyana Isa, RECRUITER & VC: KitSFnTatyana is the founder of KitSF, an innovative career accelerator: venture capital funds putting money into people, not companies. They identify talented individuals from all over the world & invest in their professional growth, helping them upskill, receive a proper work visa, & snatch attractive jobs.n4. Filip Kozera, HIRING FOUNDER: Wordware (YC S24)nFilip is a graduate from Master's in Information Engineering at University of Cambridge, Forbes 30u30 laureate, & the Founder & CEO of Wordware: a new natural language programming schema empowering non-technical domain experts to build task-specific AI agents (YC S24 batch). At this moment, Filip is hiring for Wordware.n5. Gangesh Pathak, HIRING FOUNDER: OWOWnGangesh is the founder of OWOW, an AI powered tech platform to Recruit, Hire & Manage talents anywhere on earth.nModerator: Atal Agarwal
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