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With Brett Hartman (Lecturer, California Polytechnic State University), Georgios Dimou (CTO, Niobium Microsystems), Mache Creeger (VP Biz Dev, Cornami), Eric Ball (Impact Venture Capital).
Tue, Dec 05, 2023 @ 06:00 PM   $20   Los Altos Community Center, 97 Hillview Ave
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Fully Homomorphic Encryption:
Is FHE the Holy Grail for Security?

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), widely recognized as one the most secure encryption methods in cryptography, has recently seen major breakthroughs that could unlock FHE's true potential.

FHE is a powerful cryptographic algorithm that allows trusted parties to work with encrypted data without the need of first decrypting the data. This means that organizations can view, process, & analyze data without compromising the security of that data. This capability could solve key problems & create new opportunities across a wide range of applications, such as healthcare, finance, artificial intelligence (AI), & other industries that manage highly sensitive data.

Even though the first feasible FHE scheme was proposed back in 2009, the ability to deploy FHE effectively has been limited by the processing power of existing hardware. Now in its fourth generation, recent advances in both software & hardware have triggered a new race among R&D centers & startups to apply FHE architecture to cloud services & other applications.

Using FHE to protect data in virtual environments could unlock billions of dollars in business potential in data privacy-challenged applications. Other encryption methods - such as secure-enclaves, or zero-knowledge proof - simply cannot provide the same level of security & flexibility as FHE.

In our upcoming VLAB panel discussion, thought leaders, founders, & investors will discuss the latest developments in FHE:

Which players are leading the race to be the first to provide FHE solutions?
What are the potential risks & challenges associated with FHE?
Does FHE truly have the potential to be the holy grail of encryption?
Join us on December 5 to learn more about FHE.



Brett Hartman, Lecturer, California Polytechnic State University

Georgios Dimou, PH.D., CTO, Niobium Microsystems
Mache Creeger, Vice President Business Development, Cornami
Eric Ball, Founding General Partner, Impact Venture Capital

Important: Registration is required for this in-person event.
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