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FREE summer camp for building, tinkering & exploring!
Monday, July 07, 2014 at 11:00 AM   Not Known   Venue, To Be Decided

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A FREE summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring. Online and in your neighborhood!

Maker Camp Season 2014

WEEK 1 (July 7th to 11th)
Makers in Motion
Be it by land, sea, or air, makers are always moving, using the things we build to propel ourselves forward with the power of our imaginations. Being a part of Maker Camp means you're on the move as well, and it's no coincidence we'll be launching this awesome summer-long journey from the spaceport to the future, the New York Hall of Science. Read more about the programs and projects for Week 1.

Week 1 Field Trip Friday to Google Treks at 11am Pacific time on July 11th

WEEK 2 (July 14th to 18th)
Art and Design
When we make something, we're infusing it with a little bit of ourselves, whether it's a robot or a painting, and this week campers get to try their hands at merging form and function to create things that are beautiful as well as useful. People say it's important to create art for art's sake; at Maker Camp we make for making's sake.

Week 2 Field Trip Friday to Cartoon Network Studios at 11am Pacific time on July 18th

WEEK 3 (July 21st to 25th)
Fun & Games
It wouldn't be summer if we couldn't take a little time to play, and this is the week we devote to making fun. Let's get outside and fly a homemade kite, or build a fort, or invent a new and exciting game to play with the friends we've met at Maker Camp. Whatever the outcome of the game, everyone wins when we make it ourselves.

Week 3 Field Trip Friday #1 to LEGO in Billund, Denmark at 9am Pacific time on July 25th

Week 3 Field Trip Friday #2 to Fantasmic! at Disneyland at 11am Pacific time on July 25th

WEEK 4 (July 28th to August 1st)
Science & Technology
Makers push the boundaries-where others see roadblocks, we see opportunities to overcome using our imaginations and the tools around us. And if something we need doesn't yet exist, we make it ourselves. As part of Maker Camp, you accept the challenge to look forward, dream of better things, and then figure out how to make them a reality. It's up to every one of us to create the future, and learning how to make is the first step.

Week 4 Field Trip Friday to Google's self-driving car team at 11am Pacific time on August 1st

WEEK 5 (August 4th to 8th)
DIY Music
We may not know the name of the song, but if you hum a few bars, we can probably build an instrument to play it on. At Maker Camp this week, we celebrate music by learning how we can make it ourselves. While building a guitar or an amplifier may seem like something only craftspeople can do, you'd be surprised what you can make with a few parts scrounged from around your home. And once you've made your own instrument, it'll be time to jam with the other campers, and make some noise!

Week 5 Field Trip Friday to Blue Man Group at 11am Pacific time on August 8th

WEEK 6 (August 11th to 15th)
Make: Believe
In a world where the line between reality and fantasy is thinner than a carbon nanotube, making our imaginations come true can be a whole lot of fun. In this final week of Maker Camp, we bring a little Hollywood magic to life, learning about special effects and make-up, and exploring the make in make believe.
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