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Tech x The Future Of News, Bloomberg Tech Summit, WSJ Global Food Forum, AI & Data Expo, Japan & Search For Mobility Tech, HasuraCon, Climate Tech Happy Hour
"Researchers used 127 qubit quantum processor to tackle a calculation too complex even for fastest supercomputers. It took < 1/1000 of a sec. Each calculation was unreliable but quick, so was performed repeatedly w/ varying noise introduced. With results of different noise levels, researchers could extrapolate back to the result in absence of noise." // Quantum Computing Advance

Softbank's Arm (chipmaker) in talks w/ 10+ companies (incl. Intel, Google, Apple & Microsoft) regarding participation in upcoming IPO. European Commission issued preliminary antitrust ruling against Google over its ad business (w/ suggestion to break up the unit). BlackRock filed for bitcoin ETF (in push into crypto). And The Flash topped box-office w/ $60M.

NEW THINGS ==> AI MusicGen By Meta (Open source that turns text & melody into new songs). Voicebox AI By Meta (Dall-E for text-to-speech).

As y'all know, my New Years Resolution is to get to know GarysGuide members & subscribers better :) So shoot me an email & introduce yourself!

ANNOUNCING ==> Techstars NYC Powered By JP Morgan (Open to founders of all backgrounds; Designed to provide equitable access to funding &support for Black, Hispanic & Latino, Indigenous American &Pacific Islander entrepreneurs; Oct 09 - Jan 11); apply by Jul 05.

ANNOUNCING ==> Make It In Brooklyn Pitch Contest (For early stage pre-seed, seed or series A startups harnessing power of AI technology for good; 5 selected founders will pitch their ideas for chance to win $5K cash, no strings attached); apply by Jul 07.

ANNOUNCING ==> Best Workplaces For Innovators 2023 (Celebrating company cultures that empower employees at all levels to improve processes, create new products, or invent new ways of doing business; With Fast Company); apply by Jun 20.

ANNOUNCING ==> 43North Accelerator (Accelerator program investing $5M per year to attract &cultivate high-growth companies in Buffalo, NY); apply by Jun 23. Signal Awards (Honoring & celebrating people & content that raise the bar for podcasting); apply by Jun 30.

ANNOUNCING ==> B2B Saas Founders Program (High-touch accelerator for early-stage B2B SaaS founders; Pre-seed funding to provide runway to get to next round; Community support from 100s of SaaS founders & operators; With Forum Ventures);.

DON'T MISS! ==> Jun 20 WSJ Global Food Forum w/ Walter Robb & Cristina Rohr (S2G Ventures), Peter McGuinness (CEO, Impossible Foods), Tyler Huggins (Founder, Meati Foods), Jennifer Garner & John Foraker (Founders, Once Upon a Farm), Andrea Hernndez (Cult Leader, Snaxshot), Jeffrey Harmening (CEO, General Mills), Steve Cahillane (CEO, Kellogg), Terri Rockovich (Founder, Jinx).

DON'T MISS! ==> Jun 20 Tech x The Future Of News Forum (FREE; @ Computer History Museum) w/ Richard Gingras (VP News, Google), Dawn Garcia (Dir. Knight Journalism Fellowships, Stanford), Marguerite Hancock (Dir., Exponential Center, CHM), David Walmsley (Editor, The Globe).

DON'T MISS! ==> Jun 22 Bloomberg Tech Summit ()w/ Adam Selipsky (CEO, Amazon AWS), Vanessa Wyche (Dir., NASA Johnson Space Center), Cristiano Amon (CEO, Qualcomm), Reid Hoffman (Greylock), Palmer Luckey (CTO, Anduril), Emily Chang (Anchor, Bloomberg TV).

DON'T MISS! ==> Jun 21 Config Conf w/ Dylan Field (CEO, Figma), Steve Johnson (VP Design, Netflix), Diana Mounter (Head of Design, GitHub), Haraldur Thorleifsson (Founder, Ueno), Una Kravets (Dev Relations Enggr, Google), Tamar Yehoshua (IVP), Scott Belsky (Chief Strategy Officer, Adobe).

DON'T MISS! ==> Jun 20 Climate Tech Happy Hour (FREE; @ Port Labs) w/ LabStart. Jun 28 Venture University Reverse Demo Day (FREE). Jun 25 ABC LLM Hackathon & Pitchathon (FREE). Jun 22 Trace Launch Party (FREE; @ Shaper HQ).

DON'T MISS! ==> Jun 28 Decentralization, AI & Future Of Firms (@ SRI) w/ Suresh Sunderrajan (President Commercialization, SRI), Deepam Mishra (Generative AI Innovation, Amazon AWS), Pandian Angaiyan (CTO, Tech Mahindra), Frode Odegard (CEO, Post-Industrial Institute).

DON'T MISS! ==> Jun 22 Why Govt Is Failing In The Digital Age (@ Commonwealth Club) w/ Jennifer Pahlka (ex-Deputy CTO, President Barack Obama). Jun 20 HasuraCon (FREE); learn, share & geek out on future of Hasura & GraphQL.

Jun 21 AI For Designers (FREE; @ Spaces SF) w/ Regina Grogan (Tech Researcher, Disruptive AI), Vedi Chaudhri (Product Mgr, Facet), Amir Bahadori (Founder/CEO, Confetti Labs). Jun 22 SF Women In Healthtech Happy Hour (FREE). Jun 27 AI Knowledge Mapping Hackathon (FREE).

Jun 23 Plurality Institute Bridging Symposium (FREE; @ Salesforce Tower) w/ Jonathan Stray (Scientist, Center for Human-Compatible AI @ UC Berkeley), Colin Megill (Founder, Polis), Emillie de Keulenaar (Researcher, UvA Open Intelligence Lab), Jay Baxter (Community Notes, Twitter).

Jun 26 Data+AI Summit (@ Moscone North) w/ Greg Brockman (President, OpenAI), Ali Ghodsi (CEO, Databricks). Jun 22 Designers, Founders & Creators Meetup (FREE) w/ Grace Ling (UX Designer, EA), Resham Khanna (Product Designer, Meta), Amy Lima (Product Designer, Amp).

Jun 27 Future Of Robotics: Human Aids Or Replacements? (@ Commonwealth Club) w/ Alexander Kernbaum (Dir. Robotics, SRI), Jasmine Lawrence (Product Mgr, Everyday Robots, X), Andra Keay (MD, Silicon Valley Robotics).

Jun 27 Democratizing AI & ML In The Enterprise (FREE; @ NTT Zone SF). Jun 29 Veganism, Drag & Beyond: Activism For A Better Food System (FREE; @ Swissnex SF) w/ Max Elder (Founder/CEO, Nowadays).

Jun 29 Confidential Computing Summit (@ Marriott Marquis)w/ Vikas Bhatia (Head of Azure, Microsoft), Mona Vij (Principal Enggr, Intel Labs), Ayal Yogev (Founder/CEO, Anjuna), Rishabh Poddar (CEO, Opaque Systems), Nelly Porter (Head of Product, GCP), Rolf Schimdt (Signal Messenger).

CONGRATS! ==> Trust Lab (internet trust & safety platform) raised $15M. Pebble Mobility (electric RV) raised $13.6M. (machine learning) raised $13M. AptEdge (answer engine for customer service) raised $11M. Magrathea (carbon-neutral metal) raised $10M.

Mo' Congrats! ==> Standard Fleet (electric vehicle fleet mgmt) raised $7M. Telmai (data observability platform) raised $5.5M. Range Biotech (drug development platform) raised $5.2M.

Mo' Congrats! ==> Sol (wearable tech reading) raised $5M. Finch (employment API platform) raised $3.5M. TELO (EV) raised $1.4M.

RECENTLY READ ==> AI Model Collapse, Race To Make AI Smaller, AI Feedback Loop & Model Collapse, The Taxi Prince vs Uber Startling Intimacy Of Swift's Eras Tour, Psychedelic Scientist Sending Brains Back To Childhood and and The Final Beatles Song Using AI.

WHO'S HIRING ==> Ops Engg at Datadog, VP Sales at Beyond, S/w Enggr, Atlas Search at MongoDB, Sr Acct Exec at Indiegogo, Product Mktg at Superhuman, Generative AI Researcher, Summer Intern at Magic Leap, Dir. PR at Fastly, & many more!

Now watch M:I Dead Reckoning Featurette, Passages Trailer and Squid Game: Season 2.

Until next week :)
(aka "The Guy with the Red Tie")

Word on the Streets: “Gary is a legend!” - Scott Rosenblum (Founder @ LevelPR)
Thanks, Scott! :)

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NASA's Parker Solar Probe followed solar winds to their source, learning that the blasts of wind are shooting out of the sun's surface like jets of water.

Cryptographic keys can be stolen by hackers by video-recording power LEDs 60 ft away.

Betelgeuse (a star 650 light yrs away from Earth) has been getting increasingly bright, hitting 142% of its usual luminosity & might be fixing to go supernova.

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