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With Mary Hicks (Prof. History, University of Chicago), David Roediger (Prof. American Studies, Univ. of Kansas), Louis Rmer (Prof. Anthropology, Vassar), Tejasvi Nagaraja (Prof. History, Cornell ILR School), Wendi Muse (Historian, NYU).
Wed, Jun 22 @ 12:00 PM   FREE   Online
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Class, Race, & Populism Around the World

From North America to Latin America, the Caribbean to Europe, & beyond, new politics of the left, center, & right have emerged, each experimenting with how they talk about class divides & economic identities.

Right-wing politicians, like Donald Trump & Jair Bolsonaro, have been described as populists & often claim to challenge some kind of cultural elite. Left-wing politicians, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, have claimed to represent truer working-class constituencies, with a promise to challenge economic elites. All over the world, each definition of popular or elite class politics has been unsettled & conflicted, often refracted through race, gender, & other intersections.

In this panel discussion, leading scholars of class & racial formations will interpret the intersecting history of class, race, & the politics of economic identity to discuss how different paradigms have been manipulated or mobilized in the contexts of specific countries. The conversation will aim to clarify key patterns that may echo across multiple countries as rightist, centrist, or leftist political movements attempt to forge coalitions & realize their ambitions.
How class & race formations took shape across history in the United States, Latin America, & beyond
Key dynamics by which economic identities & class politics have been mobilized by right-wing, centrist, & left-wing political movements
Insights regarding the politics of specific countries as well as an examination of how certain trends may be echoing across countries & regions
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