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With Aaron Verber (Product Mgr Developer Relations, Marqeta) & Tadas Antanavicius (Software Enggr, Commure).
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 06:00 PM   Absolutely Free
Microsoft Reactor, 680 Folsom St, #145
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Hello! Welcome to the JAMstack SF meetup!.

We have secured a venue sponsor with Microsoft Reactor.

If you are interested in speaking, please feel free to email [masked] or anyone on the Organizers list & we will get you set up!

6:00 PM - 6:30 PM - Network/Eat
6:30 PM - 6:40 PM - Introduction from the Organizers/MC
6:40 PM - 7:10 PM - "Writing Docs in a Standard, Not a CMS" by Aaron Verber
7:10 PM - 7:40 PM - "Moving Fast Without Breaking Things: TypeScript, GraphQL, & the JAMStack by Tadas Antanavicius
7:40 PM - 8:00 PM - Network / Closing

Talk #1

Writing Docs in a Standard, Not a CMS

Documentation sites need to deliver complex content to their readers, but most content management systems are inflexible vendor-based tools that focus on blogs & don't support existing standards like DocBook XML or AsciiDoc markdown. What happens when you need to embed a list in a table, but your CMS doesn't even support tables? This talk explores how the AsciiDoctor plugins for Hugo & Gatsby enables writers to author finely-tuned documentation in a flexible, portable, future-proof standard.

Presenter: Aaron Verber

Aaron Verber is the Product Manager for Developer Relations at Marqeta. Throughout his career, he has written IT textbooks, produced video learning courses, & documented API integrations for audiences of all technical skill levels. He is passionate about finding creative solutions that help developers innovate with the latest technologies. When away from his keyboard, he enjoys spending time with his husband & their two chocolate Labradors.

Talk #2

Tadas Antanavicius, Software Engineer, Commure

Title: Moving Fast Without Breaking Things: TypeScript, GraphQL, & the JAMStack

Description: The world is begging for more JAMStack applications. There is no limit on the amount of software that can make peoples' daily lives at least a little bit better. With the JAMStack, we stand on the shoulders of giants handling all of our cross-cutting concerns - leaving us to solve the niche pain points that were previously unprofitable & uneconomical to address.

With that ability comes both opportunity & responsibility. In this talk, we'll cover how leveraging modern tooling in the form of TypeScript & GraphQL (Apollo, Hasura/Graphcool/Prisma) can make iterating on your complex JAMStack apps not only fast but also surprisingly reliable & bug-free.

Bio: Tadas Antanavicius is a software engineer & entrepreneur with experience ranging from the 10,000 engineer org of Goldman Sachs to being a one-man shop building an app to serve weight loss surgery patients. Today, he is working as an engineer at Commure to help enable the next wave of healthcare software innovation. When not coding, Tadas loves meeting inspiring entrepreneurs & geeking out on topics like marketing, product design, & business development.

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