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Monday, August 19, 2019 at 09:30 AM   Absolutely Free
Amazon AWS Loft, 525 Market St, 2nd Fl
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Learn how to build & improve the quality of your applications using AWS architectural best practices. AWS Well-Architected Day is a free, hands-on event that helps you understand how to develop AWS workloads that are secure, reliable, cost-optimized, & high-performing.

Attendees can participate in the sessions to learn about AWS best practices, identify areas of improvement, & apply lessons learned to your workloads.

Who should attend

These sessions are for anyone who is already comfortable in the AWS console & want to move from managing individual resources to managing across their environments, as well as personnel who are considering migrating existing systems into the cloud.

Must have a strong working knowledge of AWS core services & features, as well as previous architectural experience. Please bring your laptop & make sure you have an active AWS Account with administrative privileges.



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What is Well-Architected?

This session will provide an overview of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which enables customers to review & improve their cloud architectures & better understand the business impact of their design decisions. The Framework addresses general design principles, best practices, & guidance across five pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, & Cost Optimization.

Level: 100


Operational Excellence Instructor Led Lab

This hands-on, instructor-led lab will use the AWS Management Console to deploy a new workload, & set up estate & patch management. In this lab we will demonstrate the importance of tagging & the ways in which it can support you operations activities. You will leverage the benefits of infrastructure as code for development & deployment of your environment. You will also perform Operations as Code to gain insights to your workload status, & to maintain your environment.

Level: 100



Enjoy lunch, courtesy of Amazon.


Security Instructor Led Lab

This hands-on, instructor led lab will guide you through the introductory steps to configure identity & access management & protecting an EC2 workload from network based attacks. You will use the AWS Management Console & AWS CloudFormation to understand how to automate the configuration of a new AWS account with IAM best practices. This lab will also help you understand how to secure an EC2 based web application with defense in depth methods. Skills learned will help you secure your own AWS accounts & workloads.

Level: 100


Reliability Instructor Led Lab

This hands-on, instructor-led lab will guide you through the steps to perform basic resiliency testing of a simple web application. You will use the AWS Management Console to understand how to view what has been created, & what the effect of your testing is. This lab will also help you understand how to use the AWS command line interface. The skills learned will help provide you the ability to start a resiliency test repository for chaos engineering.

NOTE: Please ensure that you bring your own device with your own non-production AWS account with permissions to run CloudFormation, & be able to create VPCs, 3 EIPs, NAT Gateways, RDS, IAM EC2 Role, Auto Scaling Groups, EC2, ELB to participate in this Instructor-Led lab.

Level: 100




Cost Optimization Instructor Led Lab

This hands-on, instructor led lab will guide you through cost optimization for an organization, as it evolves from a single small account through to a large scale organization. You will use the built in cost management tools within the console, then utilize other AWS services to provide deep analysis & answers at scale. It will also demonstrate how to setup account structures & permissions to facilitate organization wide optimization.

Level: 100
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