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With Bruce Damer (Assoc. Researcher Dept Biomolecular Engg, UC Santa Cruz).
Friday, August 16, 2019 at 06:30 PM   $20
Make School, 555 Post St
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Science is on the threshold of understanding how life might have begun on the Earth four billion years ago, & how prevalent life might be in the universe. Laboratory & field experiments demonstrating how chemical cycling can form & evolve the first primitive protocells have revealed an algorithm which may be the "generative engine" still driving all living processes, & by extension, our conscious experience. The concept of "synchronicity" described by Carl Jung to provide an explanation for the paranormal, spiritual experience & the collective unconscious as well as our experiences in ordinary life, may also be explained by the operation of this engine. So in the quest to understand consciousness we may have discovered its underlying "code base".
On August 16th, 2019, come experience multi-disciplinary scientist & visionary Dr. Bruce Damer as he takes us on a sweeping tour from our earliest origins to the threshold of our conscious ability to enable hacking of the synchronous field itself, perhaps the greatest new technology for the coming Century & key to our survival.
Bruce Damer, PhD is Canadian-American multi-disciplinary scientist, designer, & author. Dr. Damer collaborates with colleagues developing & testing a new model for the origin of life on Earth & in the design of spacecraft architectures to provide a viable path for expansion of human civilization beyond the Earth. He began his career in the 1980s developing some of the earliest user interfaces for personal computers, led acommunity in the 1990s bringing the first multi-user virtual worlds to the Internet, & since 2000 supported NASA & the space industry on numerous simulations & spacecraft designs. He has spent 25 years chronicling the history of computing in his DigiBarn Computer Museum & curates archives of counterculture figures such as Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna & others. He currently serves as Principal Scientist at DigitalSpace; Associate Researcher in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering at UC Santa Cruz; Associate of the NASA Astrobiology Center; Member of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life, & Founding Director of the Contact Consortium. He also served as Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington & as a member of the Faculty at Charles University, Prague. He received his PhD from University College, Dublin; MSEE from the University of Southern California & BSc from the University of Victoria.More about Dr. Bruce can be found
6:30pm: Arrive & mingle
7:00pm: Welcome & connection activity
7:15pm: Bruce Damer
8:15pm: Breakout Sessions
9:15pm: Closing

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