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With Joan Goyeau (Data Enggr, Netflix) & Alexandros Bantis (Sr Scala Enggr, Tubi).
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 06:00 PM   Absolutely Free
Tubi, 315 Montgomery St, 11th Fl
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We have two great talks lined up for this event.

Scala 3, what does it means for me? By Joan Goyeau

Weve all heard about Dotty or Scala 3 either through Martin Oderskys great talks or features listing on Dottys website. This sounds like a big change but how will it affect me as a Scala user in my day to day development?

Here at Netflix we are processing millions of events per second with Scala, so weve hit a few corner cases of the language that often end up in complicated & boilerplate workarounds that new features in Scala 3 are believed to be solving.

Please join this talk to see what the future of the Scala landscape looks like for you & discuss your own compilation stories.

About Joan Goyeau

Data Engineer @ Netflix
Passionate about Scala & solving data related problems.
Maintainer of, a typesafe CI/CD server as a library.

Scaling up ML Experimentation at Tubi 5x & Beyond By Alexandros Bantis

The streaming app ( is installed on over 50 million mobile & OTT devices. To meet the needs of a fast-growing audience Tubi is enabling rapid machine learning (ML) experimentation using Scala.

Ranking Service serves pre-computed personalization requests. It is a critical component of our next-generation machine learning services that has helped ramp up our rate of experimentation by 5x. It's built with Scala/Akka, ScalaPB, Kinesis, ScyllaDB, & has experimentation support built into the domain model.

This presentation will discuss some of the challenges, motivations & experiences related to this project.

About Alexandros Bantis

Alexandros Bantis, Senior Scala Engineer, Tubi

Alexandros has been building out the next generation of ML personalization services at Tubi over the past year. Before that he spent three years at Apple building out the publishing pipeline for Outside of Scala, he can usually be found at the playground with his children.

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