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With George Brocklehurst (Ruby on Rails Developer, Thoughtbot).
Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 07:00 PM    Cost: Absolutely Free
Dia&Co, 175 Varick St

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In light of the GORUCO Conference happening on June 24th2017 & previous meetup cancelations we will be having a surprise meetup!

Front-End Sadness to Happiness: The React on Rails Story -Justin Gordon

Standard Rails development made me happy like no other programming paradigm in my career. Simple front-end development with standard Rails & a sprinkling of jQuery was 'OK' Then, in 2014, I had to build a front-end that dynamically updated like a desktop app. I knew there had to be something better, & I went down the rabbit hole of integrating React with Rails using Webpack. Come find out how my obsessive pursuit of developer happiness for the Rails front-end eventually drove me to start the React on Rails gem, the most popular integration of Rails with React using Webpack.

Aloha! Inspired by the Ruby on Rails Community, Justin began blogging on


. A burning desire to bring happiness to Rails front-end development led to the open source project React on Rails. Besides open source, hes the founder & CEO of



. Justin has a bachelors degree from Harvard & an MBA from UC Berkeley. Free Time: Surfing & other sports in Hawaii!

A Better Technical Interview- Sam Jonester

A response to (rightfully) grumpy tweets about how technical interviews are ineffective. Candidates shouldn't be afraid that a technical interview won't reflect their true abilities. They should feel that an interview valuable even if the decision is "Not Yet".

Let's make a valuable interviewby setting better expectations & creating better evaluation techniques.

Let's make an honest interviewby asking instead of assuming, & treating candidates like they'll be treated on the team.

Let's make a collective interviewby encouraging dialog & testing a candidate's to teach, learn, & work with teammates.

Let's make a nice interviewby ensuring the process is valuable to the candidate even if they're not yet ready to join the team.

Does Progressive Enhancement have a place in today's Web?- George Brocklehurst

Single page Web apps are everywhere these days. Is Ruby now just a language of APIs? Is there even an alternative?

Maybe there is: Progressive enhancement is a technique for iteratively improving user experience by starting with a simple HTML document, & progressively adding enhancements with CSS & JavaScript.

This talk will explore the benefits of progressive enhancement, how it compares to single page apps, & its place in today's Web.

George works at thoughtbot in NYC. When he's not building progressively enhanced Web apps, he can usually be found reading about space exploration, playing Go, or exploring the city.

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