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Remote hackathon open to UX designers, developers, product managers.
Thursday, June 01, 2017 at 07:00 PM    Cost: $10
Galvanize NYC, 315 Hudson St, 2nd Fl

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IMPACT is very thrilled to organize a special remote hackathon in New York City for an entire week, from Thursday, June 1st to Wednesday, June 7th.

You will have the opportunity to work & play around one of 2 great APIs (CogniK, Deep Algo) or around design innovation (eJust, Mazen). Pick your hack!

The challenge is open to everyone willing to play & create. On top of the amazing people you'll meet & the great work you'll achieve, you will compete for one of the 2 prizes valued at more than $1000 each. Participants must attend the opening (June 1st) & closing event (June 7th) in New York City. It's going to be a lot of fun!

How to participate ?
- Please register on this Eventbrite
- Then register on Agorize platform (to be disclosed)

1 - Challenges
Please find more information on Agorize platform once registered.


Use one of the two featured APIs to create brand new use cases. Your project must significantly rely on the API.

- PROJECT 1: Personalize this! with CogniK

We are looking for innovative ways for participants to use our personalization platform to build amazing products. CogniK is a personalization platform designed for publishers to deliver a personalized recommendation for each user. At the heart of it, CogniK's platform provides an intelligent way to connect users with the best content matching their user's interest. The CogniK platform can be used to personalize websites, mobile apps, newsletters & chatbots.

What ? Build amazing products (chatbot, web widgets ...etc) using our personalization platform
Who ? Open to anyone familiar with API & how to interact with them, CogniK platform being driven by a RESTful API
What's in it for you ? Gain Experience with Personalization - Develop prototyping skills

IP: Full retention of rights by participants

- PROJECT 2: Algorithm Visualization: we need oversight & transparency ! with Deep Algo

We believe that in our data obsessed world, nobody would tolerate opaque algorithms to decide : we need oversight & transparency. Deep Algo is a powerful tool to get a deep insight into your code. Deep Algo helps you to document, validate & ensure the transparency of algorithms. Join our community & embrace our quest !

What ? Build use cases around Deep Algo API
Who ? Open to Ruby/Java/C#/Javascript developers & UX designers
What's in it for you ? Gain experience in advanced Ruby & designing a product - Coaching from our R&D engineers - Using Deep Algo Free & Integrating Deep Algo into the workflow of your open-source project - Hiring opportunities

IP: Open source


Use one of the two Saas software to develop new design innovation ideas.Your project must significantly rely on the UX design.

- PROJECT 1: Designing the court of the future with eJust

eJust is an online arbitration center. Critical UX phases are on boarding of the claimant & on boarding of the defendant, if users undertake wrongly these initial steps it misleads the whole process. Resulting in a less effective dispute resolution.

What ? Create usage scenarios for the users' on boarding phase

Who ? Open to UX designers
What's in it for you ? Gain experience in UX design - Hiring Opportunities

IP:Rights shared by participants

- PROJECT 2: Design tomorrow's universal WYSIWYG with Mazen

We developed the first SEO software dedicated to save web marketers' time. Creating & optimizing digital content is a big part of today's web marketing. Unfortunately, existing Content Management Systems (CMS) are not designed with web marketers challenges in mind. Our mission is to solve one of their biggest challenge: save time by finding innovative ways to avoid them time consuming, low value tasks. We would like to allow web marketers to work on what really matters, such as content creation & strategy, & thus find technical & UX answers to more trivial tasks, such as finding information, creating layouts, automating content structure (title & sub titles). This new WYSIWYG has to be universal & integrate with existing CMS (such as Wordpress).

What ? Come up with ux design ideas for their new feature (WYSIWYG) through interfaces & mock ups
Who ? Open to UX designers, designers & anyone with a creative mindset.
What's in it for you ? Gain experience by working on a UX project for a Saas software & gain visibility in your field (if selected, they will namely showcase your work).

Rights shared by participants

2- Prizes


1 PRIZE valued at more than $1000 for the best API-based use case.

Bonus prize
Deep Algo's prize: Free usage of Deep Algo for 1 year


1 PRIZE valued at more than $1000 for the best design innovation.

Bonus prize
Mazen's prize: 1 year subscription to Invision (professional plan)

3 - Schedules
> OPENING NIGHT - Tuesday, June 1st

6pm Let's share pizza & beers!
6:15pm IMPACT Opening
6:30pm eJust, Mazen, CogniK & Deep Algo presentations
7:00pm Q&A
7:20pm Reminder of the rules
8:00pm Let's hack! Beginning of the hackathon - social time
> REMOTE HACKATHON - Tuesday, June 1st to Wednesday, June 7th

The Agorize platform (to be disclosed) is available to submit your code during the whole week.
> CLOSING NIGHT - Wednesday, June 7th

10:00 am Final Coding & Submission Deadline
6:00 pm Project presentations - Judging & voting begins
7:00 pm Panel deliberations / mingle & snacks for participants
8:00 pm Awards
9:00 pm Closing

4 - Rules

There are two challenges & two projects per challenge.
Everyone needs to subscribe to the event & Agorize platform. From that platform, you will be able to form your teams (creating a team with people you already know or finding other participants on the platform).
Teams must be between 2 to 4 people. Your team must select & compete in one project only, there will be separate prizes for each project.

All code developed as part of the IMPACT hackathon must be fresh. To keep things fair, all codes must be written during the length of the hackathon starting at 8:15pm on Thursday, June 1st. Other than that, almost anything goes & you can use any coding languages, open-source libraries, & APIs.

Each team is required to submit their project on Agorize no later than 10am on Wednesday, June 7th. On Wednesday evening, accepted submissions will be given 2 minutes to pitch their functioning solution in front of the judges followed by a 1 minute Q&A session. Your presentation format is up to you, but it is recommended to share a very brief visual, e.g. PowerPoint or a video combined with a demo of the solution developed. We will provide you with projection equipment.

Hackers who can't attend the closing event in San Francisco will not be eligible for the prizes.

You will have to sign a participation agreement on the day the Hackathon begins. Both hackers & makers will be required to sign the agreements.

Who owns the IP? Depends of each startups (see 1- Challenges)

The ideas are judged based on 4 criteria from a panel of judges:
1. How innovative the app is

Includes the degree of innovation demonstrated using the API & the extent to which the API is key in the solution.
2. User experience & design

Includes how beautiful & elegant the solution is in terms of how it looks to the user & how easy it is to use.
3. How well it works

Includes the extent to which the solution does what it is supposed to do & how good the code is written in a performance point of view.
4. Hot factor - Potential

Includes how compelling the solution is & how likely people are to be excited about it.
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