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Thu, Sep 28, 2023 @ 10:00 AM   $25   Heyground Harlem by Communitas, 461 W 126th St, #5W

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Join us at "The Future of Business: Advancing ESG Practices for a More Sustainable Future" as we strive to build a thriving business ecosystem that uplifts & empowers black communities while fostering environmental stewardship & social progress.

Together, we can shape a future where ESG practices drive sustainable growth & create a better world for all.

Ideal for Thought Leaders, Professionals & Students in Strategy, Supply Chain, Tech, Innovation, Strategy, Finance, Risk Management, Human Capital, Entrepreneurs & Sustainability

The National Black MBA Association proudly presents "The Future of Business: Advancing ESG Practices for a More Sustainable Future," a groundbreaking conference dedicated to exploring & promoting Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) practices within black communities & businesses. This event will be a pivotal platform for thought leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, & advocates to convene, discuss, & drive change toward a more sustainable & equitable future.

In recent years, the importance of ESG practices has gained significant traction as businesses recognize their responsibility to not only generate profits but also make a positive impact on society & the environment. However, the unique challenges & opportunities faced by black communities & businesses have often been overlooked or underrepresented in this crucial conversation. This conference seeks to address this gap & illuminate the intersection of ESG practices & black businesses' success.

"The Future of Business" will bring together a diverse range of experts, including business leaders, industry pioneers, social impact investors, policymakers, & community organizers, all passionate about driving change. Through engaging keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, & networking sessions, attendees will gain valuable insights, strategies, & tools to advance ESG practices within their organizations & communities.

"The Future of Business" conference will foster meaningful connections & collaboration among attendees, creating a vibrant community dedicated to advancing ESG practices in black communities & businesses. By sharing knowledge, experiences, & success stories, participants will leave inspired & equipped to effect positive change in their organizations & contribute to a more sustainable & equitable future.

Session topics to be covered at the conference include:

1. Understanding the Role of ESG in Black Communities: Explore the specific challenges, opportunities, & unique ESG considerations for Black communities & businesses.

2. Advancing ESG Metrics in Black Businesses: Exploring the unique challenges & opportunities faced by black-owned businesses in adopting & reporting ESG metrics. Strategies for aligning business objectives with sustainability goals will be discussed, emphasizing the triple bottom line of people, planet, & profit.

3. Access to Capital: Addressing the barriers faced by black entrepreneurs & businesses in accessing capital for sustainable initiatives. Presentations & workshops will provide insights into securing funding, building partnerships with impact investors, & creating financial models that emphasize long-term sustainability.

4. Amplifying Social Impact: Examining how ESG practices can drive positive social change & promote economic empowerment within black communities. Discussions will focus on investing in inclusive & diverse supply chains, fostering social equity, & leveraging technology for community development.

5. Environmental Stewardship: Exploring sustainable business practices & their impact on the environment. Attendees will learn about strategies for reducing carbon footprint, implementing renewable energy solutions, promoting circular economy models, & embracing eco-friendly innovation.

6. Corporate Governance & Ethics: Highlighting the importance of transparent & accountable governance structures in promoting sustainable business practices. Discussions will cover best practices for establishing ethical frameworks, diversity in leadership, & stakeholder engagement.

7. Technology & Innovation for ESG: Discover how emerging technologies & innovative solutions can drive ESG advancements in black communities & businesses

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Presented by the Metro New York Chapter of the National Black MBA Association

Event Powered by the Metro New York Chapter of the National Black MBA Association

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