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With founder/CEOs Beatriz Ramos (Dada NYC), Jeannette Spaulding (Crypto Research Group), Calvin Bradley (Blockchain For Change), Brian Rogers (Modgital), Murat Akdeniz (Mirian), Andrew Hoppin (CoverUS), Ed Maguire (Partner, Momenta), Biser Dimitrov (Dir., BlockEx).
Monday, February 12, 2018 at 05:00 PM   $50
BuroHQ, 307 Canal St, 2nd Fl

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Blockchain vs CryptocurrenciesCryptocurrency & a new era for bitcoin: What's Next?The Cryptocurrency Mania fuels hype & fear: How Does It Actually Affect the Price?Spearheading Innovation: Token Sale or VC? How to choose tokens to invest?How to build engineering teams at blockchain & cryptocurrency companiesThe Family Office Perspective on Investing in Crypto & ICOsFuture of Token Sales in Regulated JurisdictionsUsing Token Dynamics to create network-effect Unicorns

5:00 PM|Welcome/IntroductionWine & Networking
5:30 PM | Introduction to Blockchain & Government Envisaging a future built on blockchain - understanding the path to success. Regulators & incumbents: understanding how collaboration can further understanding. Lessons from the regulator: creating an ecosystem of incumbents & startups. What is the future role of blockchain in compliance? Exploring the challenges in driving widespread blockchain adoption:+How can you identify the tasks for which blockchain is most suited?+What steps are necessary to secure board-level buy-in for blockchain projects?+Private vs public: understanding when each framework is appropriate+The war for blockchain talent: how do you secure the necessary skills?+The scalability challenge: is taking more off-chain' the solution?+Allaying the security fears of stakeholders around a misunderstood technology+Breaking into the mainstream: how far do we still have to go?+What is the role of collaboration in future development?+Streamlining regulatory reporting: could regulators be granted permissioned access to internal data sets?+Demonstrating a clear decision-making process: how can blockchain help?+Digitally signed documents: how could DLT improve clarity of systems & controls?+Will a blockchain-based data architecture ever become a regulatory requirement?
6:00 PM|IOT & PAYMENTSHow can blockchain create the payments infrastructure behind the Internet of Things?+Underpinning a connected world: harmoniously combining blockchain & IoT+Transforming asset tracking, copyright, & markets+Replacing paper certificates of authentication with a digital ledger+Leveraging RFID technology & IoT sensors to ensure accuracy+Why is blockchain the best technology for tracking assets?
6:30 PM|BANKING & INSURANCE+How might blockchain reshape banking?+Do smart contracts represent the future of insurance products?+Using blockchain technology to transform trade finance+Trade finance has traditionally been an industry governed by paper contracts. But could blockchain begin a new paradigm for the industry? Stream A | Immutable & transparent: verifying provenance & tracking assetsStream B | Disintermediating industries: harnessing the power of blockchainStream C | Sharing data & knowledge: understanding the advantages of DLT
7:00 PM|HEALTHCARE & TRADE FINANCE+How could blockchain transform the management of healthcare records?+In what ways will blockchain transform the future of trade finance?+Leveraging blockchain to increase security of healthcare records+Healthcare is one of the world's most sensitive industries when it comes to personal data. However, security infrastructure is underdeveloped & prone to attack.
7:30 PM|MEDIA, RETAIL, HOSPITALITY & TRAVEL+How can blockchains be used to share data with trusted third parties?+In what ways could blockchain give back control to content creators?
8:00 PM|CRYPTOCrypto is dead, long live crypto': assessing the debateWhere next for cryptocurrencies - cutting through the noise+How can cryptocurrencies overcome the challenges of volatility?+What steps can be taken to increase trust in digital tokens?+How important is government backing for success?+Changing the face of finance: will cryptocurrencies ever become mainstream?
8:30 PM|ICO,What does the future hold for Initial Coin Offerings?+How has the SEC's securities ruling impacted the popularity of ICOs?+Is the sector in need of further regulation?+How can the industry combat the issues of fraudulent offerings?+What steps can investors take to ensure they are participating in a valid ICO?+What role can VC companies begin to play in these offerings?+Can any type of project be funded by an ICO?
9:00 PM | Wine & Networking
Chair's closing remarks followed by a drinks reception

Key Note Speakers & Schedule to be announced soon

Block factor - An investors pitch competition for startups which will pitch their blockchain business model ideas to a panel of industry experts & the winner will be announced at the end of the session. Interested in presenting this session?
For crypto/blockchain startups:, Manana Samuseva +19175824244

This is @BuroHQand space is super limited so we are selling tickets for $25/$50 (to make sure you come).Sign up here before we sell out.

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