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With Lee Gaul (Founder, Long Horizon AI), Ethan Edwards (AI Lead, EY).
Wed, May 08, 2024 @ 07:30 PM   $15   Sour Mouse, 110 Delancey St
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AI technology like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard & Gemini, Midjourney, Dall-E, & many others will play an increasingly large role in our day-to-day lives. Generative AI has incredible implications such as universal translation, but also has flaws & limitations we need to be aware of. To this end, New York AI Users will host our eleventh talks & social gathering at the private event space in Sour Mouse. We're very excited to host at Sour Mouse, which has a theater screen & fully talks setup, along with a really cool space for the social portion of the event. From the creators & organizers of New York Tech & Beer, New York AI Users organizes high-quality AI events that both educate & connect AI enthusiasts in the New York area who use or want to use AI to meet their creative, entrepreneurial, & technical aspirations. No technical background is required, only an interest in learning about these tools of the future.

For our tenth meeting, we will gather at Sour Mouse in the Lower East Side, & we will host:
- Talks on AI:
- Our first talk will be by Lee Gaul. In his thought-provoking talk, Lee delves into the often-overlooked aspects of Large Language Models (LLMs) that have the potential to reshape our understanding & application of this groundbreaking technology. While organizations rush to implement AI solutions, there is a growing concern about the Alignment of these models to ensure they are safe, compliant, & ultimately beneficial to humanity. Much of the current research focuses on increasing capabilities, efficiency, & cost reduction, but Lee argues that equal attention must be given to the ethical & societal implications of deploying AI in high-stakes use cases. Drawing from his extensive knowledge & hands-on experience, Lee will explore two specific ideas that challenge conventional thinking about the nature of AI technology. He will discuss the importance of understanding when & how to use LLMs effectively while mitigating potential risks. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the future of AI & its impact on society, as well as practical considerations for implementing AI responsibly within their organizations. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading voices in the AI community as Lee Gaul shares his expertise & vision for a future where AI & humanity can thrive together.
Lee Gaul, founder of Long Horizon AI, is an accomplished AI advisor & speaker with a deep fascination for Large Language Models (LLMs), AI-powered chatbots, alignment, & education. With a background in philosophy from the University of Windsor & over a decade of experience in the tech industry, Lee brings a unique perspective to the rapidly evolving world of AI.
- Next, we'll hear from Ethan Edwards. His talk: LLMs are the first omniglots. Already they can converse in more languages than any human in history & are poised to revolutionize far more than just automatic translation. This talk will discuss the multilingual capabilities of LLMs, their uneven abilities across different languages, the importance of data sources, & then trace the practical implications of these evolving powers across industries. Rather than wholly replacing the need for translation & foreign languages, these systems can create new modalities for exploring the differences in languages & can augment translators, scholars, language learners, & many others who deal with multiple idioms.
Ethan Edwards is an AI Lead at EY & an AI Alignment researcher focused on LLMs. Ethan has worked on AI & XR technology throughout his career building out new use cases which expand human possibilities. He has been a Researcher at the Experiments in Arts & Technology program at Bell Labs & was a Summer 2023 MATS Scholar focused on LLM base models.
Social time to connect & talk with other experts & enthusiasts

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- There will be no refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of the event
- There will be a one-drink minimum at Sour Mouse
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