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With founder/CEOs Dan Butchko (Playcrafting), Selcuk Atli (Bunch), Lauren Liedel (Ghost Commander), Bradley Ross (Stream Captain), Peter Rojas (Partner, Betaworks Ventures), Victor Suski (Dir. College Esports, Boom.TV), Kai Bond (Comcast VC), Danika Laszuk (GM, Betaworks Camp), Rikki Tahta (Chief Fun Officer, MeetMax Games).
Friday, November 08, 2019 at 09:00 AM   $108
Betaworks Studios, 29 Little W 12th St


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A daylong conference at Betaworks Studios

Calling all gamers, makers, Esports athletes, investors, & tech enthusiasts...

Join us at RENDER: Good Game where we'll discuss the full ambit of gaming & where we think it's heading.

For decades now, video games have been a cornerstone of pop culture, community, & creativity. Yet, over the last few years, we've seen expansions in gaming & gamer communities in ways we could barely imagine during the days of shopping mall arcades, Pac Man, & Space Invaders.

Now, fueled by streaming platforms like Twitch & Mixer, gaming has evolved into a new, hybrid form of media & entertainment. Not only do we game together, but now we also watch others game, in real time, around the world.

Game studios spend hundreds of millions of dollars building & developing blockbuster titles that earn more on their opening weekends than even the biggest Hollywood films.

Last year, the free-to-play game Fortnite earned a record $2.4bn selling mostly in-game skins & emotes to players via microtransactions.

Then there's the world of Esports with star players & tournaments commanding audiences as large as, & in some cases larger than, national mainstream sporting events. And those Esports star players are collecting lucrative endorsements & sponsorships from brands looking to break into new markets & connect with younger consumers. It's a $1bn industry.

Apple Arcade, the PS5, VR/AR-all of this is coming, if not here already. This is just the beginning of a new era in gaming.

Join us in conversation & play at RENDER: Good Game as we talk about what's next.
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