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Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 06:00 PM   Absolutely Free   Online

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We're gathering a panel of early-stage investors & fundraising experts to discuss the fundraising landscape in 2022. There will be an AMA!

About this event
Tune in on Thursday, June 30th for a panel discussion titled: "What to Raise: Navigating the Fundraising Landscape".

The Venture Landscape is constantly changing. If someone from 2012 traveled 10 years into the future, the venture market would barely be recognizable. For starters, technology has infiltrated many industries & created new ones. For example, in 2012, Bitcoin was an infant & cryptocurrency wasn't widely recognized.

Today you have funders focused exclusively on Day 0 startups or ones that aren't even created yet. They might be ideas they hatch internally or a founder who just left SpaceX & raises money to search for an idea. The legends of Silicon Valley - two founders in a garage - (HP Style) is no longer a common success story.

What used to be an A round in 2012 is now routinely called a Seed round & this has been so engrained that founders would rather take less money than to have to put the words A round in their legal documents. You have seed rounds but you now have pre-seed rounds. Pre-seed is just a narrower segment where you might raise $1-3 million on a SAFE note & not give out any board seats.

And there is so much money around being thrown at so many entrepreneurs that many firms don't even care about board seats, governance rights or heaven forbid doing work with the company because that would eat into the VCs time needed to chase 5 more deals. Seed has become an option factory for many. And the truth is that several entrepreneurs prefer it this way. To recap, there has been a drastic change in dynamics, such as higher valuations, & a frequency of larger SAFE rounds. This panel will discuss some of these changes, as well as the current trends. The panel will then discuss how to navigate today's fundraising market, before answering questions from the audience.

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