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With Alycia Diggs-Chavis (Founder, Blue Violet), Alisa Gumbs (Deputy Chief Content Officer, Black Enterprise), Sania Jhankar (Head of Production, Luminoustudios), Chloe Kim (Digital Journalist, BBC News), Tanya Klich (Editor Career & Money, Marie Clarie), Angelica Malin (Editor-in-Chief, About Time).
Fri, Dec 01, 2023 @ 10:00 AM   $534   Triangle Loft, 675 Hudson St, 5th Fl

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Join Us at She Leads LIVE 2023: The Ultimate Conference for Serious Women Entrepreneurs & Unstoppable Leaders.
She Leads LIVE is the game-changing conference that's going to take your business to stratospheric heights. This is NOT your average conference-it's a powerhouse gathering designed exclusively for savvy women entrepreneurs who mean serious business & refuse to settle for mediocrity.

If you're looking to catapult your business into the spotlight, this is the place to be. She Leads LIVE 2023 is where you'll find an elite tribe of go-getters from diverse industries, eager to witness your brilliance & be inspired by your remarkable journey. You will take center stage & pitch your business. You'll showcase your business prowess & leave a lasting impression on a captive audience of industry influencers & potential partners.

But let's get real, ladies. This conference isn't just about ego-stroking & collecting pats on the back. We're here to deliver tangible results. She Leads LIVE 2023 is a powerhouse of knowledge, strategies, & no-nonsense advice that will catapult your business into the stratosphere of success. We've handpicked a lineup of industry titans, battle-hardened entrepreneurs, & experts who have crushed it in their respective fields. Get ready to absorb their wisdom, steal their secrets, & apply their proven strategies directly to your business. From innovative marketing hacks to cutting-edge tech solutions, from killer partnerships to unapologetic leadership tactics-we've got it all covered.

We know you're not afraid to invest in yourself & your business. And neither are we. She Leads LIVE 2023 is all about providing you with a return on your investment that'll make your head spin. No fluff, no filler-just highly actionable insights & strategies that have been battle-tested by women who've been in the trenches & come out on top. We're not here to waste your time or sugarcoat the challenges you'll face. We're here to equip you with the tools, knowledge, & unshakable confidence you need to scale your business to new heights.

But it's not all business, ladies. We understand that true success encompasses more than just financial achievements. She Leads LIVE 2023 is a holistic experience designed to nourish your mind, body, & soul. Get ready for captivating keynotes that light a fire within you, interactive workshops that push your boundaries, & rejuvenating activities that keep you energized & focused. Connect with like-minded women who get it-the highs, the lows, & everything in between. Build a network of fierce, supportive allies who'll have your back long after the conference ends.

So, if you're ready to join the ranks of badass women entrepreneurs who refuse to settle, who demand nothing short of greatness, then don't miss out on this epic event. She Leads LIVE 2023 is where dreams are realized, empires are built, & legacies are forged. This is your time to step up, claim your power, & unleash your full potential.

Don't wait - & secure your spot now at She Leads LIVE 2023-the no-nonsense, confidence-boosting extravaganza that will leave you ready to conquer the world. We'll see you there, ready to kick ass & take names.
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