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Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 07:00 PM   $25
Grand Central Tech, 335 Madison Ave

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Join us as we host a debate between the two most popular consensus models in the blockchain world, Proof of Stake & Proof of Work. Our aim is to illuminate the differences between the models & to explore a potential hybrid model.
As Ethereum moves towards Proof of Stake, we are seeking to understand the different security guarantees, attack vectors & the costs & benefits of this move. We'll start by clarifying the current guarantees we get with Bitcoin's Proof of Work & those proposed by Proof of Stake.
We'll move into a discussion of the places where each break down & the common criticisms of each model. Then we'll compare & contrast the positives & negatives & why each model might be best for certain circumstances.

Our debaters:
Matt Corallo
Matt Corallo is a long-time Bitcoin developer who has been contributingto Bitcoin Core since 2011. Matt helped co-found Blockstream where heco-authored the Sidechains whitepaper & implemented many parts of theElements Sidechain. Matt also built & maintains the Bitcoin FIBREproject, the latest generation of low-latency Bitcoin block relay, amongother projects.
Nate Rush
Nate Rush was introduced to blockchain tech during the great DAO Debacle of 2016 & soon became obsessed with blockchain scaling & safety. From there, he quickly became a fan of Proof of Stake, which led to him contributing to the Correct-by-construction Casper (CBC Casper) Research Codebase. CBC Casper is a dive into the fundamental problem of consensus & also seems well suited as the basis of a Proof of Stake consensus protocol. Currently, he works mostly on CBC Casper, & is excited to learn & explore future improvements to blockchain scalability & safety.

7:00 PM Doors Open:
Join us for soft drinks & pizza. Hang out with members of Crypto NYC, & the broader blockchain & cryptocurrency community.
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM: Proof of Stake vs. Proof of Work
Matt Corallo (long-time Bitcoin developer) will introduce the arguments for & against Proof of Stake, while Nate Rush (Ethereum Casper researcher) will highlight the arguments surrounding Proof of Work.
8:30 PM - 9:00 PM: Q&A
Our panelists will answer questions about their opinions on differing consensus protocols.

Image courtesy Perfectial.
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