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Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 06:45 PM   Absolutely Free
Think Coffee, 73 8th Ave

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We will be talking about AI & society, open source software, as well the current events in the field of AI.

The Run down:

Introductions:10 mins Introduce yourself with the formal pleasantries of who are you & what do you do.

News:10 Mins Whats going on in the world today as related to AI & its effect on society

Community talk:60 mins -We will be discussing strategies & perspectives for data liberation & open source science.- What is data liberation?- What are the different perspectives of data liberation: views from corporate power, start ups, anarchists, hackers, patients, doctors, hospitals, governments, sys admins, insurance companies & more,- How can data liberation prevent vendor lock in?- What rights do patients have for their own data?- What is the simple walk thru for a patient to get their data in New York State?- How can we help the patient to own their data?- How can we foster data interoperability between electronic health record databases?- How can we help patients own their data TODAY & in the future?- How can the community foster open source science?- What projects can hacker contribute to open source science?- What are the obstacles for open source science?- Can patients volunteer their data or sell their own data?- What are the practices by which hospitals sell patient data?- Can an open source EHR help with data liberation?- What will it take to create a single standard for electronic health records?- How do privacy laws & other regulations influence data liberation?

Other questions include:- Do crypto wallets possess the technology to help patients own their data & help with portability?- What can blockchain technologies teach us about distributed systems & interoperability?- What can med tech learn from other industries?- Can electronic health record systems adopt REST APIs for API based medicine?- What would such a model look like?- Examples from UK Open Finance program?- What is FHIR?- Can zero proof knowledge algorithms help advance data liberation & exchanges?- Where did Silicon Valley fail at conquering medicine?- And a fun bet, will Amazon buy a hospital in 2 to 3 years? Whats your opinion?What does the new Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan collaboration mean for health care disruption?

Networking:15 mins Schmooze it up you guys. Exchange business cards, ideas, or jokes.

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