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With Claudia de Rham (Prof. Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London), Brooke Grindlinger (Chief Scientific Officer, NY Academy Of Sciences).
Tue, Jul 16, 2024 @ 07:00 PM   $25   NY Academy Of Sciences, 115 Broadway, 8th Fl

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Join author Claudia de Rham & the Academy's Chief Scientific Officer Brooke Grindlinger as they delve into the hidden facets of gravity's true nature-and de Rham's new book, The Beauty of Falling: A Life in Pursuit of Gravity.
Claudia De Rham has devoted her life to unraveling the secrets of gravity-first as a diver & pilot, & then as an astronaut candidate seeking the thrill of escaping Earth's gravitational pull. As a physicist, she has pushed the limits of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, developing a rigorous & viable theory of massive gravity, in doing so completing a decades-old quest & profoundly impacting our understanding of many fundamental problems in cosmology & particle physics.
De Rham unveils the profound influence of brilliant intellects, spanning from luminaries like Newton & Einstein to the contemporary minds of Stephen Hawking, Andrea Ghez, & Roger Penrose. These great thinkers guided her to the brink of understanding the intricate nature of this fundamental force, which not only shapes the cosmos but also plays a crucial role in keeping our feet firmly grounded on Earth.

About the Author:
Claudia de Rham, PhD, is a professor of theoretical physics at Imperial College London & a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Her work at the interface of gravity, cosmology, & particle physics won her the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists in 2020. She is ranked among the most influential researchers in fundamental physics of the past decade. She is a tireless campaigner against the underrepresentation of girls in physics & frequently speaks in schools & for other organizations about diversity in the sciences.
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