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With founders Michelle Kim (Pantastic), Melissa Gonzalez (Lionesque), Daria Shapovalova (DressX), Sapna Shah (Retail X), Nour Karessli (Data Scientist, Zalando), Gloria Liu (S/w Enggr, Forma Tech), Catherine Dupere (Partner, Isomer Capital).
Wednesday, December 08, 2021 at 11:00 AM   Absolutely Free   Online

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Women Leading Visual Tech Live
Visual Tech Radically Transforming Fashion

LDV's Women Leading Visual Tech series: live event "Visual Tech Radically Transforming Fashion" - Dec 8, 2021

The global fashion industry is projected to be a $3T industry by 2030. While it has had its fair share of upheavals over the past two decades with the massive rise of e-commerce, the next decade will be even more revolutionary.

There is not a single part of fashion that will not be in massive transition over the next 10 years. From R&D to new textiles, personalized design & fit to digital-only clothing, it's an incredibly exciting time for visual technologies in the fashion industry.

Come join us for our Live Women Leading Visual Tech community event where we will hear from some of the top women who are at the forefront of fashion tech. Learn more about how they are deploying their deep, technical expertise to help make the future of fashion more sustainable, inclusive, personalized & digital.

When we say join us we seriously mean it - we want this to be an open conversation & connection opportunity for women & other underrepresented researchers, entrepreneurs & investors in the visual tech space. At LDV Capital, we believe in the power of people & community to improve our world. Some of the big questions we will look to tackle together in this event include:

How are the next merchandising trends & designs being informed by computer vision & machine learning?

Should brands be scrambling to recruit 3D & digital technical talent?

How are breakthroughs in nanomaterials shaping the textiles of the future?

What is the future of the fashion supply chain?

What are the best opportunities for robotics across manufacturing, packaging, shipping & returns?

Where are the greatest opportunities for generative algorithms (GANs) across fashion?

What will kill the e-comms grid? - Live shopping? Virtual stores? Avatar models?

Is there really a need for a virtual try-on?

How can computer vision do verification for vintage goods?

Should we be thinking more about our digital closets than our physical ones?

A year ago, we started our monthly Women Leading Visual Tech interview series to showcase the leading women whose work in visual tech is reshaping business & society. We highlight CEOs, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Investors, & more. Our goal is to foster a community of women in visual tech by providing them with inspiration & support.

Previously, we touched on the topic of fashion & product customization in our interview with Zalando's Senior Data Scientist Nour Karessli. This is our second live event for WLVT & while we would love to welcome everyone who is interested, in order to make it a powerful, interactive event for our community, we have a limited number of spots available.

Caley Taylor, 3D Design Team Lead at CLO Virtual Fashion
CLO is set out to virtualize every single garment on earth. CLO's virtual garment solutions & services connect all teams involved in the digital product lifecycle, enabling more direct collaboration & reduced lead time, whilst maintaining the intricacies of garment design. Their products range from 3D design software for apparel designers & brands, 3D design software for character artists in gaming & animation companies, virtual fitting platform, communications & archiving platform for virtual garments, to real-time draping engine for games to create a new ecosystem for virtual garments.

Caley serves as a mentor at Fashion Scholarship Fund. Previously, she worked at DKNY, Calvin Klein, Aritzia, & Global Brands Group.

Madeleine Gong, Lead Apparel Engineer at Wearable X
Madeleine is a designer who specializes in integrating hardware & apparel to create a unique experience. Wearable X is a fashion tech company that brings together design & technology to create a better quality of life. Their signature Nadi X yoga pants with haptics help yogis elevate their practices. Wearable X works with Google ATAP.

As a Parsons graduate, Madeleine is trained in fashion & textile design. Combining this skill set with a curiosity for technology & innovation, she envisions an industry that empowers people through their clothes while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

Abby Hunter-Syed, Partner at LDV Capital
Abby is a Partner at LDV Capital investing in people building businesses powered by visual tech. She thrives on collaborating with deep, technical teams who leverage computer vision, machine learning & AI to analyze visual data.

Abby is a big believer in the power of deep tech to make fashion more sustainable, accessible & beautiful. Abby loves to organize kids clothing exchanges, sell things on Poshmark, revamp vintage pieces, collect digital fashion NFTs, & learn more about the incredible opportunities to transform fashion for the better. Abby runs the Women Leading Visual Tech community & events series.


The event recap will be published on our blog at a later date but if you join live, you'll get to build your network with our exceptional community - the women leading visual tech.

Attending is free but you need to apply here & let us know why you want to be a part of this event & community:

Who Should Attend:

Women & individuals of underrepresented genders who are working with visual technologies either as an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, academic researcher, engineer, CTO, or student.

You should have a deep-seated interest in helping others succeed & a desire to connect with others in the visual tech community to share knowledge, perspective, resources, & more.

You should be kind, open-minded, & ready to speak up in discussions about the future of business & society through the lens of technological advancements.
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