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With Pam Capalad (Founder, Brunch & Budget) & MC Dyalekt (Hip Hop Educator).
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 04:00 PM   Absolutely Free   Online

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Throw out that 30 page business plan template you've been staring at on your desktop! It's okay, you never have to get to it. Today's businesses need to be nimble & responsive to the ever-changing needs of our clients & customers.

The reality is, all you really need is a one-page business plan to get started. Whether you're just starting your business or you've been doing this for a while, going through our See Change One-Page Business Plan together will give you the tools & insight to know your business is headed in the right direction before you hunt for your first or next customer.

We were all hit hard by the pandemic, but Black-owned businesses were hit the hardest. 41% of Black owned businesses shut down at the beginning of the pandemic vs. 17% of White owned businesses. POC businesses overall have a harder time accessing capital (including those PPP loans), less savings reserves, & are more likely to have funding gaps. The pandemic exposed the racial wealth divide in all aspects of our economy, especially our small businesses. Small business owners are some of the most creative & resilient folks out there. You know because you're one of them. Through a generous grant, Brunch & Budget has partnered with GA to offer a small business workshop series designed to help POC build financially resilient businesses that can weather the most uncertain times.

The workshops include: Workshop 1: The One-Page Business Plan (10/21)

Workshop 2: Organize your Business like a Machine (11/18)

Workshop 3: The Road to Your First Hire (12/16)

Sign up for one, two, or all three of the workshops. The information is cumulative but you can jump in at any time & find past recordings on

About the Experts

Pam Capalad
Founder & Financial Planner, Brunch & Budget

Hey, I'm Pamela Capalad. I'm a Certified Financial Planner & I've been in the financial services industry for over 8 years, & spent a lot of those years at wealth management firms (if you're really curious where, check out my LinkedIn). I'm the owner of Brunch & Budget, where we have a meal & talk about your finances. I'm based in Brooklyn, NY & serve clients virtually across the country.

I'm here to help you get to that place in your life. You know that place. That place where you close your eyes & feel perfectly at peace & energized all at the same time. That place where you know you're at your best, that you were somehow built for this, this thing you're doing that you can't believe you get to spend your life doing.

Life isn't about cringing every time you run your credit card through a cash register or dodging calls from bill collectors. It's not about the next paycheck, next rent check, next job, next in line. Life is about finding your why.

So here's the deal - you have the why, I have the how. Whenever you're ready, I'll be here to help you figure out how to get there.

MC Dyalekt
MC & Hip Hop Educator

Brian Dyalekt' Kushner moved from St. Croix to New York to study acting & law. He also liked to rap. After witnessing civil rights injustices at the law firm he worked for, he dropped both the job & the law classes, pursuing the arts instead. Performances at the Nuyorican led him to Hip Hop Theater, writing plays that have been performed on stages across the world. He didn't sleep on the rapping either, releasing music & touring internationally. His first album/one man play Square Peg Syndrome helped him get named to the Public Theater's Emerging Writer's Group. He has been a mainstay in NYC's theater & Hip Hop scenes, rocking everywhere from the Bowery Ballroom to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

When Dyalekt was invited to present at a workshop for New York SCORES, a soccer & poetry program in Harlem & the Bronx, his perspective on performance changed. Students are much better audience members than bar patrons, & Dyalekt found he had a natural affinity for facilitation. Hip Hopping with students like he did with MCs in a cypher led to better engagement, grades, & overall attitude toward school than the usual class.

After researching Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Dyalekt designed curricula lining up the elements of Hip Hop with each learning style. Through Hip Hop, or rather, by Hip Hopping, students could assess their learning tendencies & use them to their benefit. Furthermore, the community aspects of Hip Hop show students how to be responsible citizens, peer mentors, & advocates for justice. Dyalekt brought this curriculum, along with his album/play back home to St. Croix, rocking with 17 orgs & over 400 students. They produced 2 books of poetry, an album, & a documentary. He also now teaches teachers how to MC in a classroom.

Dyalekt had been an entrepreneur since his teenage days, & tells his students that the only thing that gets him out of his house before 10am is talking to kids, because he would never make it working on a punch-clock schedule. Since the essence of Hip Hop is making something from nothing, Dyalekt has rapped, written, & performed every freelance gig available to his skill set. He ran rap based Lincoln-Douglas debate/battles to teach youths how to prepare & present at a job interview. He linked up with Pockets Change to help students find freedom in expression, understanding, & finances.

About Our Partners

Brunch & Budget

Brunch & Budget provides affordable financial planning for young professionals. What would you do tomorrow if you knew your money was handled today? Book your first brunch & find out!
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