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Friday, January 12, 2018 at 07:00 PM   Absolutely Free
Venue, To Be Decided

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Mission:All participants to learn programming & other computing skills (learning results may vary based on prior aptitude & tenacity) in a collaborative project framework.

Requirements:There are only three requirements.

-You know how to get around using Python 3. You don't have to be an expert but you should know basic programming. Don't know how to program? Join our Sunday Python Workshops.

- Some familiarity with git & the command line.Don't know how to use either? Go thru these online courses great overview:Command line: (Version Control Software):

-You have a functioning laptop. Nothing fancy required, it just needs to work.

End-result:Deployment of a self-standing website or github repository (package/tutuorial(s)/else)

The final product will be part of AI Meetup repository of open source tools for the wider community or the website itself.

Structure:Number of people is only limited by hackathon venue & project(s). Since this is our first hackathon, we are aiming to have 10 to 20 people participate max.

As of 10/16/17, We are still looking for the venue.

The project(s) will be agreed upon prior to hackathon date(s). As of 10/16/17, we are looking for solicitation for projects to consider working on.

There will be food ordered (pizza/etc) at least once each day, if not a remote hackathon. As of 10/16/17, we estimate that the price will be at least 19.99 each person to cover the cost of food.

Each hackathon could have 1 or more projects of varying size & complexity

Number of projects depend on number of team leads. As of 10/16/17 we are currently figuring out how to implement team leads.

Time options:Constant: 24-48 hours

Longer consecutive multi-hours (e.g. 4-8 hours for 2-3 consecutive days)

Shorter consecutive multi-hour time periods (e.g. 1-3 hours for 5-7 consecutive days)

Remote hackathon (e.g. shared github repository where people coordinate tasks/benchmarks/goals over an extended period of time such as weeks but when the tasks are completed is dictated by the individual).

As of 10/17/17 we are deliberating on the best time option. Feel free to comment on the best one you think works for the hackathon.

Potential Dates:As of 10/17/17 we are aiming to host this hackathon on the second weekend of January (1/12/18 to 1/14/18). Feel free to comment on the best times we could do this.

Project requirements:The requirements are that:

- The project be able to be completed during the hackathon,

- Is of use to the wider community,

- will be a useful addition the tool belts of researchers or programmers in the healthcare space & possibly to the wider community.

Proposed Projects:Design & deploy AI meetup website

Website/package implementing web scraper for popular/useful tutorials/blogs on different topics & methods

Potential Project Topics:NLP e.g. text mining of documents/website for standalone tutorial/analysis or create package for scraping/analyzing larger corpus of sites/documents

Method comparison e.g. Using different data sources & showing best performing/behaving methods for classification/regression/efficiency

User-interfacing website e.g. build a website designed for something & made for optimum interaction or readability.

Machine/Deep learning models for purpose e.g. pretty much can do a kaggle competition since the point is to optimize learning of a particular dataset.

Machine/Deep learning visualizations e.g. visualizing the learning process of methods such as LR, SVMs, RF, etc & autoencoders, LSTMs, CNNs, RNNs, etc for DL (advanced)

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