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With Julie Wolf (Science Communications Specialist, American Society of Microbiology).
Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 02:00 PM   $150
Genspace, 132 32nd St, Ste 108

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Class in three sessions:Saturday, August 24 from 2-6PMSunday, August 25 from 2-6PMSaturday, August 31 from 2-6pm
Did you know that you can now get your whole genome sequenced for less than an iPhone? And that an organism with specific genes removed isn't considered a genetically modified organism (GMO)? Biotechnology touches many aspects of our lives & is changing with blinding speed. This introductory course covers the major characteristics of the molecular heart of the modern biology era: DNA.Learn the techniques that facilitated the biotechnology revolution, get hands-on experience, & find out where the future is going in our Biohacker Boot Camp (Weekend Edition).
Learn about the fundamental characteristics of DNA & how we can take advantage of these to cut & paste DNA, making lots of copies of specific DNA sequences, or assembling new DNA sequences into a new genetic program. You will perform some of the foundational techniques of the biotech revolution, including DNA purification, polymerase chain reaction, gel electrophoresis, & bacterial transformation. Lecture & discussion is coupled with two hands-on projects: participants will purify & sequence a portion of their DNA to analyze for ancestry, & will generate their own GMO using bacteria & green fluorescent protein (the same protein that won the 2008 Nobel Prize!). The course assumes no prior knowledge other than high-school biology (and even that is negotiable).If you're new to the lab, this is a great first course.

Julie Wolf, PhD spent her research career focused on medical mycology & infectious disease. Broadly interested in microbiology & scientific communication, she has taught at Long Island University as well as at Genspace. She has written for the Scientista Foundation & Scholastic's Science World magazine. Julie is also American Society for Microbiology's Communications Specialist & hosts the weekly podcast, Meet the Microbiologist.
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