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With Martha Wood (Data Scientist, Atos zData), Brooks Naylor (Developer Evangelist, Galvanize), Angie Davidson (Software Enggr), Lauren Taylor (Developer Evangelist, Galvanize).
Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 07:00 PM   Absolutely Free   Online

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Hack Reactor & Galvanize alumni return for a panel discussion about the intersection of coding bootcamps, tech, & the LGBTQIA+ community.
About this event
Event Description:

Post Grad is an ongoing series where we sit down with alumni to talk about their journey to, through, & beyond the coding bootcamp. Learn about their unique experience in an exclusive interview then get all of your own questions answered with a round of Ask Me Anything!

This will be a special PRIDE Alumni Panel with multiple guests from the Software Engineering & Data Science programs!

Target Audience:

All are welcome!

About the Guests:

Brooks Naylor

Brooks graduated from Hack Reactor in 2018, & hasn't looked back! He has been teaching software engineering to elementary school students for the last three years, & worked at the University of Texas at Austin as a Senior Software Engineer for two years, before recently coming back to Galvanize as the Austin Developer Evangelist.

Martha Wood

I am a data scientist with degrees in chemistry & forensic science. I think that the combination of data & the scientific method has changed the world & will continue to do so. I am excited to ask new questions & explore interesting problems.

After 8 years in production chemistry labs, I've learned the value of good data & good data analysis. For most of my career the 'data cleaning' was completed with extraction chemicals & instrumental parameters. The chemistry had to be assessed & revised until prepared samples provided the expected results. I loved the process of hypothesizing improvements & testing changes until the results were acceptable.

When I discovered programming languages I realized I could implement the same scientific methods & techniques in a fraction of the time. The time between original hypothesis & working method was cut from months or years to hours or days. The Galvanize Data Science Immersive gave me the python, machine learning & data visualization skills necessary to move into data science.

In my free time I enjoy spending time outside hiking, biking & watching rugby. I also love to read books, as George R. R. Martin said: 'A reader lives a thousand lives before (s)he dies.' Please feel free to connect with me, meeting new people is just another way to find wonderful stories.

Angie Davidson

I am a full-stack software engineer with a background in physics & a love of overcoming challenges. In addition to a software engineer, I am & will always be a student & a teacher, for I believe these are the two most important attributes necessary to maintaining a productive & healthy environment.

I earned a BS in physics because I loved learning; physics is an exciting field with incredible questions & often elegant solutions. From there, I developed a passion for teaching & service as I joined Teach For America & worked in some of the toughest inner-city schools in the country. After almost a decade of teaching, I earned a Master's in physics which allowed me to chase after the challenging technical puzzles I have always loved. Upon completion, I was faced with the questions: "What's next? Where can I keep chasing puzzles?"

My previous work has inspired me to move into full-stack development because it provides a platform where I can think critically & creatively to develop solutions that matter. But more importantly, I have the ability to continue learning, ask questions, teach, mentor, & more.

When I am not coding, I am playing with my puppy Cooper. I also enjoy road biking on the Platt River Trail, indoor bouldering & rock climbing, & country dancing.

About the Host:

Lauren Taylor (aka "LT") started her career in radio, DJ'ing for a small college-town station before she found herself immersed in the Austin startup scene. Her passion for the local tech community & fostering strong connections eventually led her to Galvanize as a Developer Evangelist. In her free time, you'll find her planning her next adventure or snuggled up on the couch watching the latest binge-worthy series with her partner & their 3 fur babies, who are all shamelessly named after Supernatural characters.

How to Prepare:

- Have the Zoom Client for Video Meetings installed well before the webinar begins:

- Any other relevant information & download requirements before the event

Conducted live online:

- 1 Hour - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time

- Link to join the workshop will be provided to you once you RSVP.

Connect Before & After The Event

Want to connect with others in tech before the event? Join us in the Galvanize Tech Community Slack to discuss topics in the industry, meet other coders ranging from rookies to veterans of their industry, cheer each other on while learning how to code, & more. Use the hashtag #StartAConversation to get the topics flowing!

About Galvanize:

Galvanize is the premiere dynamic learning community for technology. With campuses located in booming technology sectors throughout the country, Galvanize provides a community for each the following:

Education - part-time & full-time training in web development, data science, & data engineering

Workspace - whether you're a freelancer, startup, or established business, we provide beautiful spaces with a community dedicated to supporting your company's growth

Networking - events in the tech industry happen constantly in our campuses, ranging from popular Meetups to multi-day international conferences

To learn more about Galvanize, visit

Data Science Bootcamp:

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