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Tuesday, Aug 30

2:30pm $150  
Why Account Mgmt Is The Key To Success In Todays Sales Org 
Work-Bench, 110 5th Ave, 5th Fl

With Jake Dunlap (Founder/CEO, Skaled) & Shaina Shiwarski (Strategic Account Mgr, Grovo).

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Amazon AWS Women in Tech Summer Event 
Roxy Hotel, 2 Ave of the Americas

2 hot trends in cloud computing (Serverless Architectures & Docker) + discussion on challenges women encounter as developers & engineers.

6:00pm Free  
Israeli Startups NYC Summer Mixer 
The DL, 95 Delancey St

6:30pm $10 Popular Event 
Product Council 
Pivotal Labs, 625 Ave of Americas, 2nd Fl

Share product / startup stories, network & learn valuable lessons from seasoned product veterans.

6:30pm $5  
Load Balancing is Impossible 
Spotify HQ, 45 W 18th St, 7th Fl

With Tyler McMullen (CTO, Fastly).

6:30pm Free  
Friends & Family Demo Night 
90 John St, Ste 404

7:00pm $10 Gary Event 
Future of Food - Innovating for 21st Century Food System 
CoLab Factory, 14 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

With Yusha Hu (Founder, Local Bushel), Andrew Ive (FOOD-X), Cam MacKugler (Founder, Seedsheet), Summer Oakes (Founder, SugarDetox).

7:00pm $5  
Hack & Tell 
Orbital, 155 Rivington St, #2

7:00pm Free Popular Event 
POSTPONED: Sex-Tech - The New Billion Dollar Industry? 
Knotel Houston, 116 W Houston St, 3rd Fl

7:30pm Free  
Code, Drink, Talk: Bushwick 
To Be Decided, Brooklyn
Wednesday, Aug 31

3:30pm $30  
Summer Startupalooza Finale 
WeWork, 85 Broad St

Startups pitch to panel of investors. $4500 worth of prizes.

6:00pm Free  
XX+UX: Happy Hour for Women in UX 
AnswerLab, 252 W 37th St, 17th Fl

6:00pm $10  
NY Media Night - Women in Film, TV, VR/AR 
Village Pourhouse, 64 Third Ave

With Yvonne Grzenkowicz (Founder, Animation Nights), Jackie Hurwitz (Founder, Third Wish Media), Sharon Parker-Frazier (Head of Film & TV Production, Plaza 7 Talent), Emily Lobsenz (Writer/Director/Producer).

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Product Managers - Mobile Analytics & Engagement 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Arkady Fridman (Product Evangelist, CleverTap).

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Company Combat Beer Pong Tournament 
Madison Square Tavern, 150 W 30th St

With Jet, Nike, JPMorgan Chase & others.

6:30pm $10 Popular Event 
The Power of Millennial Marketing 
WorkVille, 1412 Broadway

With Doug Messer (CEO, University Beyond), Katie Sanfield (Student Brand Ambassador Program, Kaplan Test Prep), Joljit Tamanaha (CMO, Fresh Prints), George Garcia (Founder, All Axcess T&M).

6:30pm Free Gary Event 
Fail Forward 
General Assembly East, 902 Broadway, 4th Fl

With Bridget Conway-Taylor (Global Digital Process Director, JWT & Co-Founder, Theycay), Marianna Zaslavsky (Managing Partner, Zazzer), Alexey Sokolin (Global Head Fintech Strategy, Autonomous).

7:00pm $25 Popular Event 
High NY - How to Home Grow 
Impact Hub NYC, 394 Broadway

With Danny Danko (Writer, Photographer & Sr Cultivation Editor, HIGH TIMES).

7:00pm Free  
Swift NYC Pre-Conference Meetup 
Meetup HQ Rooftop, 632 Broadway

7:00pm Free  
Networking for Healthcare Professionals 
Blueprint Health, 447 Broadway, 2nd Fl

7:00pm Free  
Astoria Creatives Hangout 
QED Astoria, 27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria
Thursday, Sep 01

9:00am  Popular Event 
try! Swift NYC 
AXA, 787 7th Ave

With Kristina Thai (iOS S/w Engineer, Intuit), Ellen Shapiro (Lead Mobile Dev, SpotHero), Marc Brown (Mobile Engg Mgr, Blue Apron), Rob Napier (Author, iOS Programming: Pushing the Limits).

6:30pm $15 Gary Event 
Startup Conversation 
Alley Chelsea, 119 W 24th St

With Soraya Darabi (Angel Investor and Co-Founder, Zady).

6:30pm $8  
NJ Tech Meetup 
Howe Center, Stevens Institute of Technology, 4th Fl, Hoboken

7:00pm Free  
Fuckup Nights 
PIvotal Labs, 625 Ave of the Americas, 2nd Fl

With Ben Yee (Founder/CEO, ShiftSpark).

7:00pm Free Popular Event 
The Product Group 
WorkVille, 1412 Broadway

With Bridget McMillan (Associate Product Mgr, SummitSync).

7:30pm $15 Gary Event 
PechaKucha Night 
Brooklyn Art Library, 28 Frost St, Brooklyn

Night of engaging presentations in the famous 20x20 format.
Friday, Sep 02

8:00am Free  
First Friday Networking Breakfast 
Consulate General of Ireland, 345 Park Ave, #1700

8:30am Free  
Village Tech Breakfast 
To be Disclosed

With Rodrigo Guzman (Co-Founder/CTO, iDoneThis).
Monday, Sep 05

7:00pm $15 Popular Event 
Caribbean Startups - Keynote Series 
To Be Decided

With Andrew Yakub (Founder/CEO, Rayton Solar) from Guyana.
Tuesday, Sep 06

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Entrepreneurs Roundtable 98 
Microsoft HQ, 11 Times Sq

With Jeff Bussgang (Flybridge Capital).

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Selling Sleep 
Alley Chelsea, 119 W 24th St

With Jonathan Truppman (VP Biz Dev, Casper).

6:30pm Free  
OpenPower and Linux 
Civic Hall, 156 5th Ave, 2nd Fl

With Steve Munroe (IBM Linux Technology Center).

6:30pm $10 Popular Event 
Hacks/Hackers Demo Day 
Stack Overflow, 110 William St, 28th Fl

6:30pm Free  
Are You Smart Enough for the Intelligent Future? 
Huge, 45 Main St, #300, Brooklyn

With Michael Horn (MD of Data Science, Huge).
Wednesday, Sep 07

8:00am $245 Popular Event 
Next Money 2016 
NY Law School, 185 W Broadway

With founders Brett King (Moven), Jason Henrichs (Fintech Forge), Guy Mounier (Customer Matrix), Susan Joseph (SheTech Power), Lauren Connolley (Capital One Growth Ventures), David Gerbino (NYPAY), Jon Zanoff (Techstars).

9:00am $45 Popular Event 
#WeColorTech - Startup52 Demo Day 
Microsoft HQ, 640 8th Ave

5:00pm Free  
Startup Global Program - Discover Opportunities in Asia 
Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, 1 E 42nd St

With Garage+ incubator (zero equity).

5:30pm $15 Popular Event 
NYC Innovation Showcase - Canadian SaaS Startups 
Withum+Smith Brown, 1411 Broadway

With L-SPARK (Ottawa-based Incubator) & Harvard Business School Alumni Angels. Featuring startups Buildmetric, Cliniconex, Member365, Optimity, Qarrot Performance.

5:30pm Free Gary Event 
[Book Launch] - Weapons of Math Destruction 
Ford Foundation, 320 E 43rd St

With Cathy O’Neil (Data Scientist & Author, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality).

6:00pm Free Sponsored Event 
IoT Central: Columbia University IoT Presents + Dom Guinard (Author, Web of Things) 
Columbia University, 116th St & Broadway

Hear from IoT thought leader Dom Guinard, Columbia University IoT Course Projects & network w/ leaders in IoT field.

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut - Hackers & Hefeweizens: German Tech Showcase 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 10th Fl

Julian Moncada (‎Lerer Hippeau VC), Brian Cohen (NY Venture Partners), Ashantha Kaluarachchi (StartEd Accelerator).

6:00pm Free  
MongoDB Bug Hunt - Hands-On Session 
MongoDB, 229 W 43rd St, 5th Fl

With Ramon Fernandez-Marina (Director, Build & Release Engg @ MongoDB).

6:00pm Free  
Information Security Meetup 
WeWork, 27 E 28th St

With Ajit Sancheti (Co-Founder/CEO, Preempt).

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Techstars Healthcare Accelerator - Info Session 
Galvanize NYC, 315 Hudson St

In Partnership with Cedars-Sinai.

6:00pm  Sponsored Event 
Austrian Startups Pitch Event 
Samsung Accelerator, 30 W 26th St, 7th Fl

Pitches by curated selection of Austrian startups. Open to Angels & VC investors only. Apply to attend.

6:00pm $20 Popular Event 
Women in Design & Tech Leadership 
XO Group, 195 Broadway, 25th Fl

With Amelie Lamont (Product Designer, NY Times), Brooke Ellis (Exec Director UX & Design, Condé Nast), Irina Krechmer (VP Engg, XO Group), Jocelyn Wyatt (Exec Director,, Juliette Melton (Consumer Insights, NY Times), Nancy Hechinger (NYU ITP), Natalie Miranda (Head of Customer Success, LinkedIn).

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Product Management Course - Info Session 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia (CEO, Product School).

6:30pm Free  
Fuckup Nights 
WeWork Dumbo Heights, 81 Prospect St, Brooklyn

With Max Ringelheim (Vonvo) & Morgan Hirsch (

6:30pm $15 Popular Event 
FinTech Demo Day 
Latham & Watkins, 885 3rd Ave

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Navigating Neural Net Terrain 
Metis NYC, 27 E 28th St, 3rd Fl

With Julia Lintern (Sr Data Scientist, Metis).

6:30pm Free  
2016 Startup Tech Demo Night 
AppNexus, 28 W 23rd St

NYC high school students compete for top prize of $5K.

7:00pm Free  
League of Women Coders - Hack the Night Away 
Position, 20 Jay St, #1010, Brooklyn

7:00pm Free Popular Event 
[Fashion Week] Just Doing It - Fashion, Tech & Sustainability 
Projective Space, 72 Allen St, 3rd Fl

An evening to toast unveiling of athletic wear fashion line.

7:00pm Free  
BK Swift Developers - 3 Ways to Manage Your Dependencies: Mutants in UIKit 
Blue Apron, 40 W 23rd St, 5th Fl

With JPMartha (iOS Developer).

7:00pm Free Sponsored Event 
Austrian Startups Mixer 
Samsung Accelerator, 30 W 26th St, 7th Fl

Network w/ Austrian entrepreneurs & NYC tech folks & enjoy Austrian food, wine, beer, schnitzel & sachertorte!

8:30pm Free Gary Event 
[Film Screening] - Design Disruptors 
Civic Hall, 156 Fifth Ave, 2nd Fl

With InVision and Next Web.
Thursday, Sep 08

8:00am  Gary Event 
SVB HealthTech NYC 
Crosby Street Hotel, 79 Crosby St

With Cyrus Massoumi (Founder, Zocdoc), Piraye Beim (CEO, Celmatix), Brandon Hull (Cardinal Partners), Arun Gupta (Founder, Quartet), Inder Singh (CEO, Kinsa), Karen Ignagni (CEO, EmblemHealth), Bryan Roberts (Venrock), Jeff Dachis (CEO, One Drop), Lisa Maki (CEO, PokitDok), Mohamad Makhzoumi (NEA).

8:00am $1495 Popular Event 
FinovateFall 2016 
Hilton Midtown, 1335 Ave of the Americas

With Fiserve, Bitbond, Bankjoy, CurrencyCloud, GoodData, Moven, Tokbox, Zooz & others.

8:00am Free Popular Event 
Venture Fund Founder - The Path There & Market Perspectives 
Cooley, 1114 Ave of the Americas, 46th Fl

With FirstMark Capital, Female Founders Fund, Lattice Ventures, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, PeakSpan Capital.

8:30am $15  
Breakfast with an Investor 
Coworkrs Flatiron, 115 E 23rd St, 3rd Fl

With Trace Cohen (New York Venture Partners).

5:00pm Free Popular Event 
[FinovateFall] - Xignite & Nasdaq Happy Hour 
Faces & Names, 161 W 54th St

Network w/ Fintech peeps.

5:00pm Free Popular Event 
Idealist Grad Fair 
Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St

Learn about grad programs in social work, public policy, non-profit mgmt, int'l affairs, public interest law & social entrepreneurship.

5:30pm Free Gary Event 
FOREVERYONE.NET Screening + Reception with Sir Tim Berners-Lee 
Ford Foundation, 320 E 43rd St

With Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Inventor & Founder, World Wide Web Foundation).

6:00pm Free Sponsored Event 
How qplum is breaking HFT using algorithmic trading 

Sneak peek into qplum's massive trading infrastructure & algos & how they're outsmarting HFT players at their own game.

6:00pm Free  
MySQL Role-Based Security, Data Masking and Auditing 
Grovo Learning, 3 Park Ave

With Scott Uhrick (Lead DBA, Teladoc).

6:30pm Free  
Mobile Web vs Mobile Apps 
eBay HQ, 625 6th Ave

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
How to Hackathon 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Teamwork, projects & pro-tips for newbies.

6:30pm Free Gary Event 
Starta Accelerator #NewtoNYC - International Founders Night 
Knotel, 1 State St Plaza, 25th Fl

With Adam Singolda (Founder/CEO, Taboola), Chris Brown (GM, NYU Data Future Lab). Startups pitching are E-contenta, Revealytics, KidBee, Cardiomo, InSense, Aerostate, BNesis, FriendlyData, SendPulse, The Journey.
Friday, Sep 09

10:00am $99 Popular Event 
Taste Talks Brooklyn 2016 - Discover the Future of Taste 
Multiple Venues, Across Town, Brooklyn

With Enrique Olvera (Cosme), Claus Meyer (Noma, Agern, Brownsville Project), Fabián von Hauske (Wildair), Sasheer Zamata (SNL), José Ramirez-Ruiz (Semilla), Amanda Cohen (Dirt Candy), Joseph Johnson (The Cecil), Tom Krell (How To Dress Well), Camille Becerra (Cafe Henrie), Billy Durney (Hometown Bar-B-Cue).
Saturday, Sep 10

8:30am $100 Popular Event 
TEDxNewYork 2016 
SVA Theatre, 333 W 23rd St

With Chris Jackson (Editor-in-Chief, Random House), Muneeb Ali (Founder, Blockstack Labs), Allison Bishop (IEX), Rebecca Brachman (Writer & Neuroscientist), Jo Firestone (Comedian), Yale Fox (CEO, Rentlogic), Adam Galinsky (Columbia Biz School).

9:00am Free Gary Event 
Future of Care - Technology in Medicine Conference 
NY Academy of Medicine, 1216 5th Ave

With Henry Wei (Medical Director, Google), Misti Ushio (CEO, Tara Biosystems), Eric Conner (Founder, Healthify), Nathan Nussbaum (Associate CMO, Flatiron Health), Dandan Xu (CSO, SolveBio), Joshua Sanders (Founder, Sanworks), Rebecca Brodsky (Ctr for Biomedical Research).

10:00am $2190 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with R - Data Analysis & Visualization 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Claire Tu (Graduate of Data Science Bootcamp and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).

10:00am Free  
Backgrounding Politicians - Dig into Election Season 
CUNY Grad School of Journalism, 219 W 40th St

With Ryan McNeill (Journalist, Thomson Reuters).

10:00am $25 Popular Event 
Reboot Workshop - Education 
qLabs, 16 W 22nd St, 6th Fl

With Pedro Torres-Mackie (Quotidian Ventures), Alison Rabinowitz (Finishing School), Marco Cosio (MediaLab, Met Museum), Kelsey Crouch (TEDxGramercy), Nate Cooper (Simple Labs), Jeff Ramos (Editor, Polygon).

10:00am $2990 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with R - Machine Learning 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Introducing theoretical foundation of machine learning algos & practical applications of machine learning techniques in R.

10:00am Free Gary Event 
Taste Talks Brooklyn - Future Food Expo 2016 
Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg

With Cabot Cheese, Califia, True Foods, Zesty-Z, Purely Elizabeth, Natural Gourmet Institute, Sugar Hustle, The Economist, Malk Organics, Eat off Beat, Green Light Book Store, Hooch, Bijabhar, Eat, Chic, Spoon University.

11:30am $65 Sponsored Event 
Life Hacks - Optimize Your Life & Business 
Grind, 140 W St, 2nd Fl

With Jon Levy (Behavior Scientist and Founder, The Influencers).

1:00pm $50  
Techstars, 1407 Broadway, 24th Fl

Helping founders gain confidence in selling. Challenges to put you slightly out of comfort zone.

4:30pm $25  
Out in Tech Digital Corps - Launch Party 
Squarespace HQ, 8 Clarkson St
Sunday, Sep 11

1:00pm $1990 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with Python - Machine Learning 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Shu Yan (Ph.D degree in Physics from University of South Carolina).

1:00pm $1590 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with Python - Data Analysis and Visualization 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Liz Klobusicky (NBC News Group).
Monday, Sep 12

5:30pm Free Gary Event 
Norway Demo Day & Innovation Outlook 
WeWork Times Square, 1460 Broadway

With Are Traasdahl (CEO, TAPAD), Murat Aktihanoglu (Managing Director, ERA), Jeanne Sullivan (Sullivan Ventures), Kelly Moulton (CCO,, Trond Tornes (Dir. Marketing, Phonofile).

6:00pm $40 Popular Event 
Cocktails & Conversations - Invest in Yourself at Every Stage of Your Career 
Scandinavia House, 58 Park Ave

With Hannah Storm (Award-Winning Journalist & Producer, ESPN), Dyllan McGee (Founder, Makers), Kathy Murphy (President Personal Investing, Fidelity), Elisabeth Rosario (Dir. Comms, Spark Capital).

6:00pm Free  
CTO School - DevOps Transformations Anti-Patterns & Strategies: Directors Cut 
Pivotal Labs, 625 Ave of Americas, 2nd Fl

With Alec Lazarescu (CTO, LearnBop).

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Female Founders Fund - Fireside Chat 
Rise NYC, 24 W 24th St

With Shivani Siroya (Founder/CEO, Tala) and Anu Duggal (Female Founders Fund).

6:30pm Free Gary Event 
Female Founders Fund Fireside Chat featuring Tala 
Rise NYC, 24 W 24th St

With Shivani Siroya (Founder/CEO, Tala) and Anu Duggal (Founding Partner, Female Founders Fund).

7:00pm $1750 Sponsored Event 
Tacklebox Accelerator (Session 7) - Founders w/ Full-Time Jobs 
Tacklebox, 175 Varick St, 3rd Fl

With founders Angela Lee (37 Angels), Shawn Cheng (Vayner Capital), Casey Gibbons (Maki Fund), Wayne Congar (Mayday), Michael Dudell (Race+Vine & Author, Shark Tank), Paul Canetti (MAZ), Trevor Ewen (Neosavvy).

7:00pm $1590 Sponsored Event 
Introductory Python 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

4 weeks w/ 5 hours of class per week (split into 2½ hour evening classes).

7:00pm $2990 Sponsored Event 
Big Data with Hadoop and Spark 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

6-week evening program. Will cover key components of Apache Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce with streaming, Hive, Spark).

7:00pm Free  
Breaking Into Startups - Ask a Hiring Manager 
General Assembly East, 902 Broadway, 4th Fl

With Toby Stein (Dir. Ops, Amino Apps), Scott Edelstein (Talent Acquisition, Casper), Sana Pierce-Wright (One Fine Stay), Connie Wong (Founder, Planted), Laura Marciano (Head of Customer Ops, Livestream).

7:00pm $10 Popular Event 
NY Tech Meetup & Afterparty - Comedy Hack Day Finals 
NYU Skirball Center For Performing Arts, 566 Laguardia Place

Comedians, developers & designers come together, drink free booze, and build hilarious tech.
Tuesday, Sep 13

8:00am Free Popular Event 
Breakfast: Women in Hardware 
Rise NYC, 43 W 23rd St, 2nd Fl

With Jenny Fielding (Managing Director, Techstars) & Kate McAndrew (Investor, Bolt).

8:30am Free Sponsored Event 
IoT NY #36: Commercial IoT Workshop by Intel 
To Be Disclosed

Learn about IoT tech Intel & IBM provide to assist you in building commercial IoT solns. Attendees get to keep hardware distributed at workshop: Intel Commercial Kit ($500 value).

8:30am $60 Popular Event 
Branded Content Roundtable 
Dentons, 1221 6th Ave

What is branded content and how its related to branded entertainment, content marketing & native advertising?

5:30pm Free Gary Event 
Design Driven NYC 
BuzzFeed HQ, 54 W 21st St, 11th Fl

With Melody Koh (Head of Product, Blue Apron), Tom Harman (Design Manager, BuzzFeed), Walter Geer (Creative Director, Verve Mobile), Alan Williams (Creative Director, Imaginary Forces).

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
#InnovAbility - Redefining Identity with Creativity 
Thoughtworks, 99 Madison Ave

With founders Kenneth Wampler (Alpha Workshops), Helya Mohammadian (Slick Chicks), Wissam Kahi (Eat OffBeat), Monica Kang (InnovatorsBox).

6:00pm $5  
Data Science with the Tidyverse 
Work-Bench, 110 Fifth Ave, 5th Fl

With Hadley Wickham (Chief Scientist, RStudio).

6:30pm $75 Sponsored Event 
Full-stack Web Development for Beginners 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Intro deep-dive into full-stack web development & learn to build a basic blog.

7:00pm $25 Popular Event 
EcoSessions - Innovations in Textiles 
To Be Disclosed

With Giulio Bonazzi (Aquafil), Sylvia Heisel (3D printing), Maia Wojcik (INDX/Fashion Tech Forum), Kate Black (Magnifeco).
Wednesday, Sep 14

5:30pm Free Gary Event 
Hardwired NYC 
WeWork Chelsea, 115 W 18th St

With Alban Denoyel (Founder, Sketchfab), Vibhu Norby (Founder, b8ta), Neville Spiteri (Founder, WEVR), Ben Einstein (Founder, Bolt).

6:00pm Free Sponsored Event 
Dev Bootcamp - Info Session 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Learn about our coding bootcamp that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers!

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut - Fintech Founders Club Pitch Night 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 9th Fl

Featuring some of the hottest Fintech startups. With Trace Cohen (NY Venture Partners), Tommy Patek (Bain Capital Ventures), Zak Schwarzman (Gotham Ventures).

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Product Management Happy Hour 
Product School, 1412 Broadway Ave, 22nd Fl

If you are an aspiring Product Manager, come to chat & drink w/ Product School team, instructors & students.

6:30pm Free  
Visualizing Climate Data 
Pivotal Labs, 625 Ave of Americas, 2nd Fl

With Alana Range (Founder/CEO, Radish Lab).

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Amazon Alexa Meetup - Designing Good Voice User Experiences for Alexa 
Betaworks, 29 Little W 12th St

With Noelle LaCharite (Developer Evangelist, Alexa Skills Kit), Chris Maury (Founder, Conversant Labs) & Tim McElreath (Sr Technical Architect, Scripps Networks Interactive).

7:00pm $20  
Impact Elections 2016 
Civic Hall, 156 5th Ave, 2nd Fl

With Ann Ravel (FEC Commissioner), Trevor Potter (ex-FEC Chairman & Advisor to Stephen Colbert's Presidential Campaign / Super PAC), Amy Loprest (NYC Campaign Finance Board), Senator Rivera (NY State), Richard Briffault (Prof.,Columbia Law School), Matt Mahan (CEO, Brigade).
Thursday, Sep 15

7:30am $80 Gary Event 
Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition (GODAN) Summit 2016 
Hilton Midtown, 1335 Ave of the Americas

With Ban Ki-Moon (Secretary General, UN), Willy Bett (Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya), Ann Aerts (Head, Novartis Foundation), Jeni Tennison (Deputy CEO, Open Data Institute), Thomas Vilsack (Secretary Agriculture, USDA).

8:00am $395 Popular Event 
Northeast JavaScript Conference 
Stamford Innovation Center, 175 Atlantic St, Stamford

With John Masse (Director Front End,, Brian Jenks (Founder, Droplit), Jamil Spain (API Connect Solns Architect, IBM), Jeff Fox (Starwood), Ed Faulkner (MIT).

6:00pm $5 Popular Event 
Fireside Chat 
All Covered, 485 Lexington Ave, 19th Fl

With Prasanth Nair (CEO, Double Gemini).

6:30pm $25 Popular Event 
Tech Talk - Fashion & E-Commerce 
Saks Off Fifth/Gilt, 125 E 57th St

With Jonathan Greller (President @ Outlets, Hudson's Bay Company).

6:30pm $15  
HER Agenda - Mastering A Multidimensional Career 
To Be Decided

With Luvvie Ajayi (Author, I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual).
Friday, Sep 16

12:00pm Free  
Financing Your Startup - All Money is Not Equal 
Columbia University, 116th St and Broadway

With Steve Davis (Partner, Goodwin Procter).

5:30pm Free Popular Event 
Civic Engagement Hackathon 
Galvanize NYC Pop-up, 315 Hudson St

6:00pm $15 Popular Event 
Stamford Hackathon 3.0 
Stamford Innovation Center, 175 Atlantic St, Stamford

Featuring Augmented Reality (AR) track, Virtual Reality (VR) track & Smart Cities challenge.
Saturday, Sep 17

10:00am $350 Gary Event 
IFP Film Week 
Made in NY Media Center by IFP, 30 John St, Brooklyn

With Academy Award winner Laura Poitras (CITIZENFOUR), actress & activist Rose McGowan, comedian & podcaster Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens), Amy Emmerich (CCO, Refinery29), comedian Jacqueline Novak & others.
Sunday, Sep 18

1:00pm $40 Sponsored Event 
Brunchwork w/ Betterment & Flatiron Health 
Coworkrs, 55 Broadway

Hiring event w/ Betterment & Flatiron Health over delicious brunch & mimosas.
Monday, Sep 19

8:30am $59 Gary Event 
AgTech Week 
Venues, All over town

With Aero Farms, Edenworks, Verticulture, Urbanstrong, Agrilyst,, Cloud Farms, Smallhold, Feedback Farms, HarlemGrown & others.
Tuesday, Sep 20

6:00pm $25  
PitchSwap NYC 
Galvanize NYC, 315 Hudson St

Bringing audience up close to startups from start to finish by curating groups of attendees to work w/ each startup & assist them w/ presentations.

6:00pm $20 Popular Event 
Startup Grind with DigitalOcean 
DigitalOcean, 101 Ave of the Americaas

With Mitch Wainer (Co-Founder / Head of Marketing, DigitalOcean).

6:30pm $15 Popular Event 
VC Insider - Investor/Founder Relationships 
Alley Chelsea, 119 W 24th St

With Mark Peter Davis (Founder, Interplay Ventures).

6:30pm $18 Popular Event 
Everyones a Pundit - How Social Media Influences Elections 
To Be Decided

With Jenna Golden (Head of Political Ad Sales, Twitter), Andrew Roos (Head of Industry: Elections, Google), Kaiya Waddell (Industry Mgr, Democratic Politics, Facebook), Annie Lewis (Industry Mgr Republican Politics, Facebook).

6:30pm Free  
Women in iOS - watchOS 3 
To Be Disclosed

With Gemma Barlow (Lead iOS Engineer, Harry's) & Natalie Podrazik (iOS Developer).
Wednesday, Sep 21

8:00am $1095 Gary Event 
FT Future of Marketing - Connecting with the Conscientious Consumer 
10 on the Park, 60 Columbus Circle, 10th Fl, New York

With Barbara Coppola (CMO, Grubhub), Dave Gilboa (Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Warby Parker), Suzy Deering (CMO, eBay), Christina Mercando (Founder, Ringly), Lara Crystal (Co-Founder, Minibar).

9:00am Free  
OGP Toolbox Hackathon - Civic Tech for Open Govt 
Civic Hall, 156 5th Ave

With Laure Lucchesi, Paula Forteza & Emmanuel Raviart (Etalab).

6:00pm $15 Popular Event 
Conversations - Evolving Newsroom: Journalists as Strategists 
Microsoft HQ, 11 Times Sq

With Priya Ganapati (Director Platform Products, Quartz), Jim Rich (Editor-in-Chief, NY Daily News), Kate Ward (Editor-in-Chief,, Jay Rosen (Author, & Prof. Journalism, NYU).

6:30pm $65 Gary Event 
TEDxFultonStreetSalon - Things You Cant Have 
Bennett Media Studio, 723 Washington St

With Amy Sacco (Nightclub Empress), Joe Lipton (Currency Creator), Roderick Romero (Treehouse Architect), Lin Evola (Painter & Sculptor), Matt Swift (Co-Founder, Concordia Summit) and Galinsky & Deep Singh (Street Poet & Tabla Musician).
Thursday, Sep 22

8:00am $150 Sponsored Event 
MarketplaceLIVE 2016 
Spring Studios, 50 Varick St

Keynote by Jonah Peretti (Founder/CEO, BuzzFeed), technical deep dives from cloud infrastructure experts + rooftop after party!

8:00am $150 Gary Event 
NYC Media Lab 2016 
Alfred Lerner Hall @ Columbia University, 2920 Broadway

Keynotes by Jim Bankoff (CEO, Vox) & Emily Bell (Director, Tow Ctr for Digital Journalism, Columbia Journalism School) + workshops & demos on themes from machine learning in media to VR/360 videos.

11:00am Free Sponsored Event 
HACKATHON from the Center of the Internet 
Digital Realty, 32 Ave of the Americas

Hack @ the center of the internet, network w/ 1000+ tech peeps, $500 prizes, cool swag, food, drinks, rooftop after party.

6:00pm Free  
Authoreas Open Science Meetup 
Rise NYC, 43 W 23rd St, 2nd Fl

With Stuart Firestein (Neuroscientist and Chair of Columbia Biological Sciences).
Saturday, Sep 24

7:30am Free Popular Event 
NBA Basketball Analytics Hackathon 
Terminal 23, 145 W 32nd St

Open to all grad/undergrad students. $2.1K in prizes + free NBA tix, tour of NBA HQ & pickup basketball invite.

9:00am $300 Popular Event 
The Sally Conference 
eBay HQ, 625 Ave of the Americas

With Julia Neznanova (Director, Friends of eBay Accelerator & Head of Developer Evangelism, eBay NYC), Bethany Heinrich (VP Content & Community, Mogul), Danielle Kayembe (Founder, GreyFire Impact), Aparna Prabhakar (Strategy, IBM).

2:00pm $25  
Future of Humanity Conference 
Arts on Site, 12 St Mark's Place

Exploring what future means from human perspective incl. deeper philosophical questions.
Monday, Sep 26

9:30am $16000 Sponsored Event 
12-Week Data Science Fall Bootcamp 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

The only data science bootcamp that teaches not just Python but also R, Hadoop, Spark and more!
Wednesday, Sep 28

7:30am $325 Sponsored Event 
Health Tech Summit 2016 
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 455 S Broadway, Tarrytown

With IBM Healthcare, Dreamit Health, Northwell Health, NY Presbyterian Innovation Center, GNS Healthcare, Health 2.0, BioLabs NY.

2:00pm $100 Sponsored Event 
Health Tech Pitch Contest, Panel + Networking 
Doubletree Hotel by Hiton, 455 S Broadway, Tarrytown

With Steve Barsh (CIO, DreamIt Health), Anthony Mason (Chief Digital Officer, MD Alert), Peter Fleischut (CIO, NY Presbyterian Innovation Center), Nicole McKnight (Director, BioLabs NY), Brad Weinburg (Founder, Blueprint Health).

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut Presents - Kilobytes & Bagpipes: Scottish Pitch Night 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 10th Fl

In partnership w/ Scottish Enterprise. With Eric Vreeland (Bowery Capital), Ulrich Quay (BMW i Ventures), Sutian Dong (Female Founders Fund), Raju Rishi (RRE Ventures).
Wednesday, Oct 05

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut Presents - French Tech Connection 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 10th Fl

Showcasing some of the most promising tech startups from France. In partnership with Eura Technologies.
Wednesday, Oct 12

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut Presents - Betas & Belvedere: Polish Pitch Night 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 10th Fl

Showcasing some of the most promising tech startups from Poland.
Saturday, Oct 15

9:30am $3500 Sponsored Event 
Product School - Weekend Edition 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

All our instructors have 7+ years of real world experience in positions such as VP Product & Director Product @ Google, LinkedIn, Paypal & more.
Tuesday, Oct 18

6:30pm $3500 Sponsored Event 
Product School - Weekday Edition 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

All our instructors have 7+ years of real world experience in positions such as VP Product & Director Product @ Google, LinkedIn, Paypal & more.
Saturday, Oct 22

10:00am $2190 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with R: Data Analysis and Visualization 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave., Ste 905
Wednesday, Oct 26

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut Presents - Tech Renaissance: Italian Pitch Night 
Dentons, 1221 Ave of the Americas, 24th Fl

With Francesco Genuardi (Consul General of Italy in NY), Fernando Napolitano (CEO, Italian Business & Investment Initiative), Jesse Glass (Empire Angels), Bruce Taragin (Blumberg Capital), Alessandro Anzani (Vedanta Capital).
Wednesday, Nov 02

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut Presents - Oy Vey, Israeli Pitch Night 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 10th Fl

With Roger Chen (Genacast Ventures), Joseph Soto (Facilitated Growth), Anoop Kansupada (Loeb NYC) & Joseph Coyne (Samsung Innovation Center).
Wednesday, Dec 07

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
VentureOut Presents - Hackers & Hefeweizens: German Tech Showcase 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 10th Fl

Showcasing top German startups. In partnership with the German American Chamber of Commerce.
Tuesday, Aug 30

1:00pm $1590 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with Python - Data Analysis and Visualization 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Comprehensive intro to data analysis w/ Python programming language.
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