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Monday, Jul 18

5:30pm Free  
Big Data Developers - Real Time Sporting Event Predictions using Apache Spark 
WeWork, 115 W 18th St

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Data Science in the Newsroom 
Metis NYC, 27 E 28th St, 3rd Fl

With Geetu Ambwani (Principal Data Scientist, Huffington Post).

6:30pm $5 Popular Event 
Can You See The Real Me - Computer Vision Explained HQ, 115 E 23rd St

With Matthew Zeiler (PhD from NYU in machine learning & image recognition).

6:30pm $5  
Visualizing UX for Remote Team Alignment 
Pivotal Labs, 625 Ave of Americas, 2nd Fl

With Jim Kalbach (Head of Customer Success & Education, MURAL).

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Scalable Machine Learning with H2O 
Viacom, 1515 Broadway

With Erin LeDell (Statistician & Machine Learning Scientist,

8:00pm Free  
Startup Happy Hour 
Three Monkeys, 236 W 54th St

8:00pm Free  
HackerNest Tech Social 
Projective Space, 72 Allen St, 3rd Fl
Tuesday, Jul 19

8:00am $35 Gary Event 
On Diversity 
NYU Eisner & Lubin Auditorium, 60 Washington Sq S

With Letitia James (Public Advocate, NYC), Carra Wallace (Chief Diversity Officer, NYC Comptroller Office), Melissa Mark-Viverito (Speaker, NYC Council), Michele Titus (Chair of Legislative Women’s Caucus, NYS Assembly) Michael Garner (Chief Diversity Officer, MTA).

5:30pm $30 Popular Event 
FinTech Regulation - Better in the UK? 
Delloite HQ, 30 Rockefeller Plaza

With Antonia Romeo (Her Majesty's Govt Envoy to United States' Communications Service Providers, Cabinet Office), Paul McCulloch (CEO, Helm Solns), Dan Weinerman (Director, Trading Hub).

5:30pm $49  
Uncubed Live 
Astor Center, 399 Lafayette St

With Yong Feng (Founder, Peloton Interactive), Summer Burton (Exec Creative Producer, BuzzFeed), Jessica Brown (Director UX, VICE Media), Anna Sullivan (Director Sales, Gimlet Media).

6:00pm $10 Popular Event 
Diversity in Tech 
Mercy College, 66 W 35th St

With Tiffany Pham (Founder, Mogul), Angela Fisher (Founder, AMF Entertainment), Amélie Lamont (Product Designer), Shawn Cheng (Vayner Capital).

6:00pm $7  
Digitalk Media Networking 
Madison Square Tavern, 150 W 30th St

6:00pm $40 Popular Event 
Intro to Pricing Strategy 
General Assembly West, 10 E 21st St, 4th Fl

With Arie Abecassis (Co-Founder, ICONYC Incubator).

6:00pm $15  
Entrepreneur Mixer 
American Whiskey, 247 W 30th St, Upper Level

6:00pm $10  
MiTech Meetup 
Microsoft Store, 677 5th Ave, 3rd Fl

With Games For Change and INC Magazine.

6:00pm Free  
Continuous Delivery - Chef Habitat and Maestro 
Yodle HQ, 330 W 34th St, 18th Fl

With Nicole Johnson (Solns Architect, Chef Software) and Christian Grabowski (Lead Software Engineer, Peeractive).

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Enterprise Sales Meetup - Winning Sales Habits, Processes & Methodology 
MongoDB, 229 W 43rd St, 5th Fl

With Russell Sachs (CRO, BetterCloud), Lisa Welch (SVP Sales, Movable Ink) and Ryan O'Connor (Director Sales, DocSend).

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
How to Build Your [Android] Team 
General Assembly East, 902 Broadway, 4th Fl

With Alfie Hanssen (Dir. Engg Mobile & TV @ Vimeo), Matthew Volpe (Assoc Dir. Program Mgmt Apple & Android Platform Engg @ MLB Advanced Media) and Jerry Berkowitz (Tech Manager @ NY Times).

6:00pm $20  
Starta Accelerator @ Knotel NYC, 33 W 17th St

Featured startups are, You, Baby & I and Bellhop.

6:30pm Free  
Be Social Change Happy Hour 
The Grafton, 126 1st Ave

6:30pm $5 Popular Event 
Prototyping In The Wild - Practitioners Share Their Process For Validating Ideas 
Rise NYC, 28 W 24th St, 2nd Fl

With Joris Rigerl (Sr Designer, Work & Co), Sabrina Majeed (Product Design Mgr, Buzzfeed) & Day Jimenez (Lead Product Designer, Canary).

6:30pm $20 Popular Event 
Startup Grind 
DigitalOcean, 101 Ave of the Americas

With Liz Wessel (Co-Founder/CEO, WayUp).

6:30pm Free  
Analytics for Humans 
StackExchange HQ, 110 William St, 28th Fl

With John Thuma (Director Aster Big Data COI, Teradata Corp).

6:30pm $10 Popular Event 
Simulation Games in News 
Paperless Post, 115 Broadway, Ste 1803

With journalists from FiveThirtyEight and The Guardian.

7:00pm Free  
YES - A Mid-Production VR Case Study 
Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center @ Film Society of Lincoln Center, 144 W 65th St

7:00pm Free  
Intro to Coding for WordPress 
Microsoft HQ, 11 Times Sq

7:00pm Free  
EdTech Summer Mixer 
2U HQ, 601 W 26th St
Wednesday, Jul 20

9:30am Free Popular Event 
Future of Mind Symposium 
The New School, 63 5th Ave, UL104

With Dr Ben Goertzel (Humanity+) and Ed Keller (Professor, The New School).

5:00pm Free  
Digital Privacy Meetup 
Civic Hall, 156 5th Ave

With Todd Ruback (Chief Privacy Officer & VP Legal Affairs, Ghostery).

5:30pm Free  
IGDA & StoryForward - Feedback Forum 
Adorama, 42 W 18th St

Tech Job Fair 
Turn To Tech, 184 5th Ave, 4th Fl

Software, Design and Data Science Job Fair co-organized with Turn To Tech.

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Food+Tech Happy Hour 
Freehold Brooklyn, 45 S 3rd St, Williamsburg

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Brooklyn Super Meetup 2016 
CartoDB, 201 Moore St, Brooklyn

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Hackerati: Women In Tech - Leaping Up & Over 
Primary, 26 Broadway, 8th Fl

With Jeanne Sullivan (Co-Founder, StarVest Partners), Yvette Pasqua (CTO, Meetup), Matthew Rechs (GM, Adobe Type & Typekit), Jerelyn Rodriguez (Co-founder/CEO, Knowledge House).

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Intro to Product Mgmt - How to Influence Stakeholders & Meet Product Goals 
Grind, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Jesse Owens (Sr Product Manager, MasterCard).

6:30pm $150  
Managing Client Relationships  
Made in NY Media Center by IFP, 30 John St, Brooklyn

With Rithesh Menon (Global Account Director, Guardian News & Media).

6:30pm Free Gary Event 
Alexa + Smart Home Demo Night 
AWS Pop-up Loft, 350 W Broadway

With Amit Jotwani (Sr Evangelist, Amazon Alexa), Rohit Sriram (Product Manager, Ecobee) & Chris Becker (Software Engineer, Warby Parker).

6:30pm Free  
Self-Healing Distributed Systems for Micro-Services with Azure Service Fabric 
Microsoft HQ, 11 Times Sq

With Steve Bohlen (Principal Software Engineer, Tech, Evangelism & Development @ Microsoft).

6:30pm Free  
Prometheus - Next Generation Monitoring (in Go) 
Civic Hall, 156 5th Ave, 2nd Fl

With Tobias Schmidt (Production Engineer, SoundCloud).

6:30pm Free Gary Event 
Time Saver Tech Meetup 
WeWork FiDi, 85 Broad St, 16th Fl

With Alexis Anderson (Head of Marketing, Uber NYC), Rosaria Mannino (Loyalty & Engagement, Blue Apron) and Curtis Lee (CEO, Luxe).

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Innovators in Mobile+Web - A Look Inside Dom & Tom 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

With Brandon Papworth (Director of Web, Dom & Tom) and Whitney Meers (Marketing Strategist, Dom & Tom).

6:30pm $5  
Entrepreneurial Journalism Demo Night 
CUNY Grad School of Journalism, 219 W 40th St

Demos by Post from the Past, Bold and Beaker Lab.

6:30pm Free  
Open Data 2.0 - Marketplace for public & private data 
Urban Future Lab, 15 Metrotech Center, 19th Fl, Brooklyn

With Peter Larsen (Director of City Data Exchange, Hitachi Insight Group).

7:00pm Free  
Astoria Creatives 
Astoria Coffee, 3004 30th St, Astoria

7:30pm $10 Popular Event 
Empiricist League - Consciousness 
Union Hall, 702 Union St, Brooklyn

With George Musser (Contributing Editor, Scientific American), Heather Berlin (Cognitive Neuroscientist & Asst Prof. Neuroscience, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai) and John Havens (Author, Hacking H(app)iness).
Thursday, Jul 21

8:30am $15  
Breakfast with An Angel 
Coworkrs, 115 E 23rd St, 3rd Fl

With Meghan Cross (Managing Director, Red Bear Angels).

8:30am Free  
Free & Safe in Cyberspace 
The Lofts at Prince, 177 Prince St, 2nd Fl

10:30am Free  
Startup Global Seminar 
eBay HQ, 625 Ave of the Americas

Startup Global is educational platform to help startups think global from earliest stages of growth.

4:00pm Free Popular Event 
Science Soapbox Interview 
Caspary Auditorium, 1230 York Ave

With Sir Mark Walport (Chief Science Advisor, UK Govt).

6:00pm $10  
Be Social Change Fireside Chat 
Centre for Social Innovation, 601 W 26th St, Ste 325

With Miki Agrawal (Founder, THINX).

6:00pm $5 Popular Event 
Fireside Chat 
All Covered, 485 Lexington Ave, 19th Fl

With Yvette Pasqua (CTO, Meetup).

6:00pm Free  
Event-Driven & Serverless Programming with OpenWhisk 
IBM HQ, 590 Madison Ave, 12th Fl

With Ioana Baldini and Philippe Suter (IBM Watson Research Ctr).

6:00pm Free  
Kubernetes NYC Birthday BBQ Party 
Work-Bench, 110 Fifth Ave, 5th Fl

6:00pm Free  
Events That Attract Young Crowds & Raise Big Dollars 
Planned Parenthood Int'l, 125 Maiden Lane, 9th Fl

With Alex Greer (Co-Founder, We Bee Creative) and Heather Lynn (Special Events Mgr, Blood Ball).

6:00pm Free  
ABI.NYC Tech Meetup 
Seidenberg School @ Pace University, 163 William St

6:30pm $15 Sponsored Event 
HTML & CSS for Beginners 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Class on HTML & CSS aimed at beginners with no or little experience in programming.

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
CTO Roundtable - How Tech is Disrupting Finance 
CommonBond, 524 Broadway, 6th Fl

With Stan Guzik (CTO, CommonBond).

6:30pm $185 Gary Event 
SheWorx100 - PR Summit 
To Be Disclosed

With Kimberly Weisul (Editor-At-Large, Inc), Rachel King (Tech Editor, Fortune), Neha Gandhi (SVP Content Strategy & Innovation, Refinery29), Callie Schweitzer (Editorial Director, Time Inc) & Elise Runde Voss (CEO, Upscored).

6:30pm $150  
Smart Leadership: Emotional Intelligence  
Made in NY Media Center by IFP, 30 John St, Brooklyn

Learn how to manage emotions & think under pressure, explore empathetic leadership & neuroscience behind it.

6:30pm $10 Popular Event 
Flash Pitch 
Rise NYC, 43 W 23rd St, 2nd Fl

8 Companies, 3 Investors, 1 Winner. With Chris Fortunato (KEC Ventures), Heston Berkman (VC @ Box Group) & Trace Cohen (NY Venture Partners).

6:30pm $42  
[Daybreaker] DUSK NYC - A Midsummers Night Dream 
Output, 74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

6:30pm Free  
AWS + Intel Smart Greenhouse Demo 
AWS Pop-up Loft, 350 W Broadway

With Mackenzie Kosut (AWS Startup Evangelist).

6:30pm Free  
Internet of Fashion - Wearable Tech 
Grindspaces, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

6:30pm Free  
Scala & Data 
Tapad, 60 Madison Ave, 3rd Fl

With Dan Blazevski (Data Engg Insight Fellow).

6:30pm $12 Popular Event 
IxDA New York - Virtual Pioneers: Exploration in Designing for VR Frontier 
Ustwo, 26 Broadway, 16th Fl

With Chris Marotta (Product Designer, Ustwo), Michael Calvert (Gaming, Sketchfab), Toph Brown (Producer, Ustwo), Alexander Porter (Creative Director, Scatter), Annie Laurie Malarkey (Sr Programs Producer, Made in NY Media Center by IFP).

6:30pm Free  
5-Star UX - What Going Out To Eat Teaches Us About UX Design 
WeWork FiDi, 85 Broad St, 17th Fl

With NY Code+Design Academy and Jimmy Chandler (UX Architect).

7:00pm Free  
Brooklyn Biohackers - Regulating Your Brain: The Science of Mindfulness 
Genspace, 33 Flatbush Ave, 7th Fl, Brooklyn

With Meriah DeJoseph (Neuroscience & Education Lab @ NYU).

7:00pm Free  
Virtual Reality (VR) Networking 
Reserve Lounge @ Morgans, 237 Madison Ave

7:30pm $20  
Drink & DrawBots 
Open Source Gallery, 306 17th St, Brooklyn

A night of drinking & creating machines using machines that draw and paint.
Friday, Jul 22

8:00am $150 Popular Event 
H.O.P.E. (Hackers On Planet Earth) 
Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Ave

With Mitch Altman (Founder, 3ware), Gillian Andrews (Sr Usability Research Fellow, Simply Secure), Roni Bandini (Writer, Journalist & Coder), Zimmer Barnes (Founder, Q Space).

12:00pm Free  
Google CS First - Interactive Stories 
QNS Collective, 36-27 36th St, Long Island City

Students design their own unique stories using computer animation & learn how technology is used in film & media industries.

7:00pm Free Gary Event 
Live! From Tomorrow Episode 4 - Rise of the Accelerators 
Rise NYC, 43 W 23rd St, 2nd Fl

With Annie Malarkey (Sr Program Producer, Made in NY Media Center), Angelia Muller (Program Mgr, Techstars IoT), Steven Kuyan (MD, Incubators & Entrepreneurship @ NYU Polytechnic).

9:00pm $30  
SheWorx Breakfast 
To Be Disclosed

With Stewart Alsop (Venture Partner, Alsop Louie Partners).
Saturday, Jul 23

11:00am Free  
Drupal NYC Playday 
Phase2 Technology, 330 W 38th St, Ste 301

2:00pm Free  
Virtual Reality - Experience Future 
Spreadhouse Cafe, 116 Suffolk St

Hang w/ developers, investors, entrepreneurs & others interested in VR.
Sunday, Jul 24

11:30am $40 Sponsored Event 
Brunchwork w/ First Round Capital & Interlude 
Alley Chelsea, 119 W 24th St, 4th Fl

With Hayley Barna (Partner @ First Round Capital and Co-Founder @ BirchBox) and Yoni Bloch (Founder/CEO, Interlude).
Monday, Jul 25

5:30pm Free  
Street Fight Drinks Night 
Von Bar, 3 Bleecker St

Hang w/ folks in the local marketing tech space.

6:30pm  Sponsored Event 
Your Next Move - How to Market Yourself as a Career Changer 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St

Hands-on workshop focused specifically on those making a change into a new type of role or industry.
Tuesday, Jul 26

5:30pm Free  
Digital Founders Panel 
Rise NYC, 43 W 23rd St, 2nd Fl

Moderated by Robert Schwartz (VP Global Digital Mktg, IBM Digital).

6:00pm $10  
Women In Tech International (WITI) 
Avanade Innovation Ctr, 155 Ave of the Americas, 6th Fl

Evening of innovation & networking.

6:30pm $5  
Product Council 
Pivotal Labs, 625 Ave of Americas, 2nd Fl

With Spencer Sloe (Head of Advertising Product & Strategy, Aol / Huffington Post).

6:30pm $20 Popular Event 
GeekGirlWeb - Women in Tech Career Panel 
ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison Ave, 15th Fl

With Anna Smith (Data Engineer, Rent The Runway), Rocio Delgado (Engineer, Github), Maria Naggaga (Program Mgr, Microsoft), Ana Becker (Interactive Graphics Editor & News Apps Developer,, Avielle Wolfe (Developer, Thoughtbot).
Wednesday, Jul 27

8:30am $62  
Header Bidding Roundtable 
Frankfurt Kurnit, 488 Madison Ave

Join founders, CEOs & industry execs to discuss Header Bidding & how it's evolving.

6:00pm Free Popular Event 
Rutgers Coding Bootcamp Demo Day Expo 
Harborside Plaza 3, 34 Exchange Place, 7th Fl, Jersey City

Network w/ 100 Rutgers full-stack developers, seeking full-time positions.

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Pivot Presents - Digital Summer Party 
Midtown Loft, 267 5th Ave

Live music, drinks & appetizers w/ friends & colleagues. Experience the latest in VR, Robotics, AI, Wearables & more.

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
DevSocial Summer Mixer 
LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Fl

Drinks & networking for graduates of coding bootcamps & local tech community.

6:30pm $30 Popular Event 
Indego Africa Summer Party 
WeWork Chelsea, 115 W 18th St

With Christina Sass (Co-Founder/COO, Andela), Selom Tetteh (VP, Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt), Karen Yelick (CEO, Indego Africa). Open bar, hors d'oeuvres, raffle prizes, food by Dos Toros, music by DJ Monday Blue.

6:30pm $15  
#DiversabilityAMA - Perspectives on Womanhood, Stigma & Hidden Disability 
Joynture, 48 Wall St, 5th Fl

With Jessica Murray (PhD Human Development @ CUNY), Allie Cashel (Co-Founder, Suffering the Silence), Allie Cashel (Author, Suffering the Silence), Erica Lupinacci (Actor, Producer & Co-Founder, Suffering the Silence), Sarah Fader (Founder, Stigma Fighters).

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Product Management Course - Info Session 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Carlos González de Villaumbrosia (CEO, Product School).

6:30pm $20  
Building The Sales Machine 
Hometeam HQ, 50 W 23rd St, 9th Fl

With Marc Jacobs (VP Sales,

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Pledge 1% Happy Hour 
The Ship, 158 Lafayette St

Special evening to connect w/ NYC's startup community & learn about Pledge 1% movement.

7:30pm $5 Popular Event 
Female Founder Spotlight - STEM-Focused Tech Startups 
Knotel, 1 State St, 25th Fl

With Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson (Founder, Raceya) and Lauren Covello (Venture Editor, Fortune Magazine).
Thursday, Jul 28

5:30pm $15 Popular Event 
Caribbeans In Tech & Entrepreneurship 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway

Live demos by 4 startups who successfully made it through the Caribbeans Startups Accelerator.

6:00pm $30 Popular Event 
Future of Content 
Samsung Accelerator, 30 W 26th St, 6th Fl

With Kirk Cheyfitz (CEO, Story Worldwide), Mike Knowlton (Creative Director, Murmur), Jeff Gomez (CEO, Starlight Runner), Matt Wellschlager (VP Mktg, Ceros), Bailey Richardson (Community, Pop-Up Mag).

6:00pm $25  
InSITE Fellows - Summer Cocktails 
Stripes Group Rooftop, 402 W 13th St

Hang w/ startup founders, venture capitalists, program partners & others.

6:30pm Free Popular Event 
Dream, Girl 
LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Fl

Dream, Girl documentary screening and live Q&A w/ director Erin Bagwell and Erica Minnihan (CoFounder, 1000 Angels).

6:30pm $5  
The Age of Digital Media 
Alley Chelsea, 119 W 24th St

With Jeff Carvalho (Exec Editor & Partner, Highsnobiety).
Friday, Jul 29

6:00pm $782 Sponsored Event 
Scrum Master Certificate (SMC) Masterclass 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

Best practices & tools to effectively manage software engg team.
Tuesday, Aug 02

6:30pm $15 Sponsored Event 
Javascript for Beginners 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Learn the basics of JavaScript language & how to use it to communicate with HTML/CSS on a web page.

6:30pm $150  
Planning for Emerging Tech 
Made in NY Media Center by IFP, 30 John St, Brooklyn

With Mauricio Ruiz (Sr Creative Technologist, Wieden + Kennedy).

6:30pm $20 Popular Event 
Decoded Fashion - Tech Queens 
The Farm Soho, 447 Broadway, 2nd Fl

With Jenna Blaha (Tech Editor, Marie Claire), Liza Kindred (Founder, Third Wave Fashion) and Katie Smith (Sr Fashion & Retail Analyst, EDITED).
Wednesday, Aug 03

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
What Is In Your Customer Discovery Toolkit? 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Matt Thurmond (Sr Product Manager, Granular).
Friday, Aug 05

7:00pm Free Popular Event 
Science of Music Hackathon 
45 W 18th St, 3rd Fl

With Int'l Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference and HAMR: Hacking Audio & Music Research.
Saturday, Aug 06

9:30am $3500 Sponsored Event 
Product School - Weekday Edition 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

All our instructors have 7+ years of real world experience in positions such as VP Product & Director Product @ Google, LinkedIn, Paypal & more.
Tuesday, Aug 09

6:30pm $15 Sponsored Event 
Ruby For Beginners 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Intro dive into Ruby, a beginner-friendly language used on servers in backend web development.

6:30pm $3500 Sponsored Event 
Product School - Weekend Edition 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

All our instructors have 7+ years of real world experience in positions such as VP Product & Director Product @ Google, LinkedIn, Paypal & more.
Wednesday, Aug 10

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
How to Launch A Product No Matter Where You Work 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Shendi Wang (Director of Product, TheStreet).
Monday, Aug 15

6:00pm Free Sponsored Event 
Dev Bootcamp - Info Session 
Dev Bootcamp, 48 Wall St, 15th Fl

Learn about coding bootcamp that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers.
Wednesday, Aug 17

8:30am $400 Sponsored Event 
Blockchain Conference 2016 
PwC Auditorium, 300 Madison Ave

With founders Gregory Simon (Loyyal), Mark Smith (, Jae Kwon (Tendermint), Jeremy Drane (Dir. FinTech, PwC), Joyce Shen (Dir. Emerging Tech, Thomson Reuters), Ron Quaranta (Chairman, Wall St Blockchain Alliance), Yorke Rhodes (Blockchain Strategist, Microsoft).

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
5 Lessons that will help with your transition into Product Management 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

5 important lessons that'll help you before, during & after the interview.
Wednesday, Aug 24

6:00pm $20 Sponsored Event 
AdTech Alley 
WeWork Charging Bull, 25 Broadway, 10th Fl

With Michael Taormina (Founder, CommonBond), Trace Cohen (Managing Director, NY Venture Partners), Tim Schumann (CEO, Buddy Ventures).
Wednesday, Aug 31

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Product Management Course - Info Session 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Carlos González de Villaumbrosia (CEO, Product School).
Wednesday, Sep 07

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Product Managers - Mobile Analytics & Engagement 
Product School, 1412 Broadway, 22nd Fl

With Arkady Fridman (Product Evangelist, CleverTap).
Saturday, Sep 10

10:00am $2190 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with R - Data Analysis & Visualization 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Claire Tu (Graduate of Data Science Bootcamp and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).
Sunday, Sep 11

1:00pm $1590 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with Python - Data Analysis & Visualization 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Liz Klobusicky (NBC News Group).

1:00pm $1990 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with Python - Machine Learning 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Shu Yan (Ph.D degree in Physics from University of South Carolina).
Wednesday, Sep 14

6:30pm Free Sponsored Event 
Product Management Happy Hour 
Product School, 1412 Broadway Ave, 22nd Fl

If you are an aspiring Product Manager, come to chat & drink w/ Product School team, instructors & students.
Thursday, Sep 22

8:00am $99 Sponsored Event 
MarketplaceLIVE 2016 
Spring Studios, 50 Varick St

1000 industry leaders & 80 high-profile tech exhibitors @ in-person platform for companies to network with & learn from tech experts shaping infrastructure of internet & cloud.
Sunday, Oct 23

1:00pm $1590 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with Python - Data Analysis & Visualization 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Liz Klobusicky (NBC News Group).

1:00pm $1990 Sponsored Event 
Data Science with Python - Machine Learning 
NYC Data Science Academy, 500 8th Ave, Ste 905

Instructor is Shu Yan (Ph.D degree in Physics from University of South Carolina).
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