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With Nemanja Kostic (K Bros Games) and Dean Razavi (Founder, Razbury Games).
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 06:30 PM    Cost: $50
Microsoft, 11 Times Sq

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Prepare to pitch your game to investors, publishers, Kickstarter backers, & others by presenting condensed & targeted information about your game, with an emphasis on not only what to say but how to say it. On the second night, deliver your pitch to your peers & get live feedback!

PLEASE NOTE: This class will take place over 2 nights, 1 week apart. Tuesday, 6/20 & Tuesday, 6/27 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm each night.

Class Description

Successful independent developers will have to describe their game to a thousand different audiences before launch. Whether it's pitching to investors or publishers, making a video for a Kickstarter campaign, or presenting at one of Playcrafting's demo nights, being able to quickly provide the relevant information to get your audience interested is a critical skill for any would-be game developer. This class covers how to generate the content for your pitch, including how to describe your hook, how to do market research, & what financial data & forecasts to include (and how to calculate them). The class also covers how to effectively communicate that content, including building your slide deck, & effective public speaking techniques for a pitch. During the second night of the class, all attendees will be expected to give a 5-minute pitch of their game idea, with live Q&A from the class & feedback on their presentation.

Featured Topics

Day 1:Tuesday, June 20th

  • Class Overview

  • Various contexts for pitches & how they come up

  • Future Development

  • Call to actions

  • Preparing Slides

  • Public Speaking

Day 2:Tuesday, June 27th

  • Student presentations

  • Q&A

About the Instructors

Nemanja 'Nemke' Kostichas been a serial entrepreneur all his life. He runs a gaming studio (K Bros Games) where he heads up business development, publishing, sales & acquiring sponsorship deals. He also consults startups & other studios within the industry in these areas of expertise. Having published two of his own studio titles (includingAlbert & Ottoand the viral sensationPoop in My Soup), he is now bringing them to console & mobile platforms. Nemanja has successfully merged his business know-how & networking skills with his interest in gaming & is driven by his passion for improving & nurturing the still-young indie games community. If not pacing around his office on the telephone he can be found attending gaming events & conferences talking to indie devs.

Nik Kosticis a self-taught developer with a background in filmmaking, art, & design. He started his career producing short films after which he moved on to running his own ad agency & later expanded into creating interactive content until finally deciding to combine all his skills & turn his passion for video games into a profession. He now runs a gaming studio (K Bros Inc) where he creates & published games on PC, iOS, & Console. Two of his most recent noteworthy titles includeAlbert & Otto, a puzzle platformer & the recent viral hitThere's Poop In My Soup.

Dean Razaviis a game designer & developer in New York City, who has made it a habit of pushing game-making tools to their limit. His first foray into the world of creating RPGs was through the Starcraft I trigger editor, & later through Inform, GameMaker, & recently RPG Maker. Dean released a 20-hour RPG as part of his wedding invitation, & relatedly, has a very patient husband.

Currently, Dean is working onVidarin RPG Maker VX Ace, focusing on stripping down the RPG to its core elements of narrative & character development. The game features randomly chosen but still cohesive storylines, as well as random puzzle elements. He also runs an RPG Maker VX Ace tutorial blog calledThe Iron Shoeand works on aprojectto open-source a version of RPG Maker's underlying scripting language in java, in order to run games created in the program on Mac & Linux.

You can reach him onTwitterand read about him onKotaku.

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