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Live game demos, playtime pizza. Featured games include A Night Like Tonight, Black Emperor, Burgal's Bounty, Don't Look Away, Soccer Heroes, Unwavering.
Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 06:00 PM    Cost: $9
Microsoft HQ, 11 Times Sq

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<P><STRONG><SPAN><SPAN>Live game demos. Playtime. Pizza.</SPAN></SPAN></STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG><SPAN><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="noopener noreferrer noopener nofollow noopener noreferrer nofollow nofollow noreferrer nofollow"><SPAN>Playcrafting</SPAN></A></SPAN></STRONG><SPAN><SPAN>is the place tosee and play the newest independent gamesbeing made in New York and meet the people who built them. Each month, we get together to watch developers explain the mechanics and origins of their games while doing live game demos. Attendees then play each game with the developers behind them. Join our community of game developers, designers, creatives, investors and more building across multiple platforms and genres.</SPAN><SPAN><SPAN>Enjoy complimentary pizza as you meet the developers and network with game professionals from throughout our local community. Plus our epic after party. Hope you can make it!<BR></SPAN></SPAN></SPAN></P>
<P><STRONG><BR>For Attendees:</STRONG></P>
<P><SPAN>You must register on Eventbrite. Please include the first name, last name and email of each person you are registering (including yourself) when you RSVP so we can add you to our guest list for the evening.</SPAN><SPAN>All names must be on the list to get past building security.</SPAN><SPAN><BR><BR></SPAN></P>
<P><STRONG><STRONG><SPAN><BR>FEATURED GAMES<BR><BR></SPAN></STRONG></STRONG><IMG ALT="A Night Like Tonight" SRC=""><BR><BR><STRONG>A NIGHT LIKE TONIGHT</STRONG><BR>By Team S2B from the 2017 Global Game Jam<BR><BR><EM><SPAN>A Night Like Tonight is a</SPAN><SPAN>nautical adventure involving a compelling voice, particularly impassable rocks and carnivorous aquatic mammals.</SPAN></EM><BR><BR><IMG ALT="AVARIA vs" SRC=""><BR><BR><STRONG>AVARIAvs</STRONG><BR><SPAN>By Juncture Media</SPAN><BR><BR><EM>The AVARIAvs battle system is a spin-off on traditional JRPG combat streaming it into encounters that are swifter, more strategic, and capable of both rich storytelling and gripping PvP. On AVARIA, emotions are dangerous. For the Hume, feeling the wrong emotion might cause an explosion or start a pandemic. For the Eoni, feeling any emotion at all could strip you of your immortality.</EM><BR><BR><IMG ALT="Black Emperor" SRC=""><BR><BR><STRONG>BLACK EMPEROR</STRONG><BR><SPAN>ByTomas Vicuna and BumbleBear Games</SPAN><BR><BR><EM>Black Emperor is an upcoming arcade game about speed, death, and rock & roll. Black Emperor combines our love for classic action arcade games with Japanese Psychedelic Rock and the Bosozoku motorcycle culture of the 70's.</EM><BR><BR><IMG ALT="Burgal's Bounty" SRC=""><BR><BR><STRONG>BURGAL'S BOUNTY</STRONG><BR><SPAN>ByPhat Games</SPAN><BR><BR><EM>Burgal's Bounty is a puzzle/action game where you take on the role of Burgal. Burgal is trying to save his girlfriend from the mob, and in order to do that he must steal enough money to pay the ransom! Help him traverse challenging mazes and overcome insane obstacles to save the day!</EM><BR><BR><IMG ALT="Don't Look Away" SRC=""><BR><BR><STRONG>DON'T LOOK AWAY</STRONG><BR><SPAN>Developed byMade in Brooklyn Games / Published by EOS Interactive</SPAN><BR><BR><EM>Don't Look Away is a psychological horror experience that pits you against a mysterious entity bent on breaking down your mind, body, and soul before it feeds. Strapped to a chair, bound and gagged, with only a limited ability to reach for what's within your grasp, can you figure out the mystery of the room before it's too late? Just remember, whatever you do, whatever may happen, whatever you may see or hear... Don't Look Away.</EM><BR><BR><IMG ALT="Soccer Stars" SRC=""><BR><BR><STRONG>SOCCER STARS</STRONG><BR><SPAN>By Cosi Productions</SPAN><BR><BR><EM>Soccer Heroes is a real-time multiplayer soccer game that pits you against players from all over the world as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 games and challenge your facebook friends to become the ultimate Soccer Hero. In the game, players play quick one minute rounds against others online with the winner taking all the coins! There is also an option to play single game modes and put yourselves to the test to see how many levels you can beat!</EM><BR><BR><IMG ALT="Unwavering" SRC=""><BR><BR><STRONG>UNWAVERING</STRONG><BR><SPAN>By Dead Dog Studio (from Global Game Jam 2017)</SPAN><BR><BR><EM>A boy skips stones in a pond, reflecting on unwavering memories of a lost friend.<BR><BR><BR></EM>MORE TO COME!<BR></P>
<P><SPAN><EM><STRONG><BR><BR></STRONG></EM><STRONG>Join us for the after party!<BR><BR><IMG ALT="Local Folks Multiplayer" SRC=""></STRONG><STRONG><BR></STRONG><STRONG><BR></STRONG>Don't miss our after party up the street at Iron Bar as Local Folks Multiplayer brings more games to play after the event.</SPAN></P>
<P><SPAN><BR>In the interest of fostering an inclusive and safe environment at all of our events, our<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="noopener noreferrer noopener nofollow noopener noreferrer nofollow nofollow noreferrer nofollow">Code of Conduct</A>will be enforced.<BR><BR></SPAN></P>
<P><SPAN><BR>Visit us at </SPAN><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="noopener noreferrer noopener nofollow noopener noreferrer nofollow nofollow noreferrer nofollow"></A><SPAN> | Tweet us at </SPAN><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="noopener noreferrer noopener nofollow noopener noreferrer nofollow nofollow noreferrer nofollow">@PlaycraftingNYC</A>#DemoPlayNYC</P>
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