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How Your Startup Can Win The New VC And M&A Game
The tech startup world has changed dramatically in recent years with the rise of crowdfunding, a changing venture capital industry, and changes in the M&A market. Venture capital has seen the growth of many angels and smaller fund ... more details

Data-Driven Newsrooms That Don't Drive Off Writers
The concept of "data-driven media" is a hot topic right now, but actually adopting a performance-based approach to content requires more than just numbers. It calls for a cultural shift from a purely editorial mindset to one that ... more details

Travel Hacking: Utilizing Tech to Travel The World
Traveling can be one of the greatest, most eye opening things a person can experience. It can also be expensive, confusing and difficult to navigate. This panel will teach the audience about "travel hacking". These travel hacks wi ... more details

Agile Marketing: Market Speed & Customer Relevance
Our world is changing faster than ever! The widespread adoption of social, mobile, and cloud technologies has changed how businesses can (and should be) interacting with customers. Historically, brand and marketing planning has ... more details

Make business travel work (not suck) for you
Traveling for work has always been inconvenient, but it doesn't have to mean a change of lifestyle anymore. Thanks to the web, it's easier to find the types of restaurants, experiences, events, and people that you'd find yourself ... more details

Building gender-balanced startups
Everyone in tech wants more gender balance in the startup ecosystem, but the practical challenges to implementing that goal are complex, and involve many players—from the incubation/hackathon culture, to the VC community, to the ... more details

Closing the loop: the agroecological city
More than 50% of the world’s population now lives in cities and, by the end of this century, a projected 90% of Earth’s 9 billion will be urban-dwelling. With local ecosystems already in distress and the specter of global clim ... more details

Friending Facebook: How To Win The Newsfeed
The media industry has reached a pivotal point. Facebook, once a place dedicated to weekend party photos, has become somewhat of a second homepage for publishers — often driving more pageviews. We know that the social giant is h ... more details

Got Your Attention
INTRIGUE: Create Interest, Earn Respect, Connect with Anyone Have you ever: Had people ignore you or tune out right in the middle of what you were saying? Lost out on a job or contract because you couldn’t connect with the ... more details

Keyboardless Communications in the Wearables Era
Hundreds of millions of smartwatches are projected to be sold in the next 5 years. While walking down the street, consumers will be able to look at their wrists or heads up displays for notifications, thereby avoiding the need to ... more details

Hacking Education: Schools on the Go
Traditional universities have existed for hundreds of years but the DIY Economy is presenting a compelling alternative towards more affordable, self-directed learning. Today’s landscape enables wouldbe undergrads as well as life ... more details

Fireside Chat with #LADYBOSS Elissa Shevinsky
An honest conversation with #ladyboss Elissa Shevinsky about the hotbutton issues of the moment - sexism in tech, privacy, brogrammers, working with Pax Dickinson, and what it's like to compete with the largest companies in Silico ... more details

The Grocery Store of the Future
We will explore what our world could look like in 50 years, and what that means for the grocery store experience and the products sold within them. At a staggering $4.2 trillion, the food industry is one of the biggest in the w ... more details

End to Brogramming? How Women are Shaping Tech
What would the tech industry look like if it were built by women, not men?, a women's magazine website with nearly 10 million unique visitors and a mission to celebrate the strong, successful women creating our culture ... more details

Invent it! Social media gaffes that kill M+A deals
This duo presentation will recommend best practices & solutions for corporate use of social and new media, to maximize corporate growth without imperiling the exit strategy. Social media presents challenges when two companies b ... more details

Quantifying our World through Open Platforms
Imagine a world where our homes, our streets, our favorite places, our entire cities can quantify their activity, communicate signals, and operate off of each other to optimize the way they work as a whole. We could detect and q ... more details

Closed off View of Open Source
Discussions around the role of women and other underrepresented groups in technology are growing broader, deeper and louder. We're starting to talk more about this problem, and even more exciting, major tech employers are just sta ... more details

Keeping our Teachers at the Forefront of EdTech
Now more than ever, we have to empower our teachers to become agents of change. Research proves that students need leadership to optimize their learning experience. While edtech has undoubtedly brought new and innovative opportuni ... more details

Decoding Gender Diversity in Tech
The shortage of women working in tech is no secret. There are fewer female executives and founders in tech than almost any other industry. Why the disparity? Many people attribute the lack of women in this space to a lack of inter ... more details

Behind The GIF: The Future of Online Visual Culture
Communication online is increasingly visual. Whether GIFs, emoji, or image macros - the emergent culture of the web is centered around images more than text or full video. How did this happen? What are the root causes? And where i ... more details

Open Pay: This Is What Your Coworker Makes
What would happen if you knew exactly what your colleagues made--and they knew your pay too? Disclosing salaries at work has long been taboo, but a few companies are opening up the books, letting employees in on details of employe ... more details

Who’s Using My Music? Copyrights In Digital Era
Proper licensing of copyrighted music is one of the largest obstacles preventing artists from having their music monetized online. Consumers and brands have a lack of awareness around how to properly license music, and for artists ... more details

Unwrapped: First Release Hardware and IoT!
Remember show and tell from the old days? Love it when you are seeing something new for the first time and actually get to hold and feel the thing you are learning about for the first time? Well, at this special event, we'll see n ... more details

What This Talk Reveals Will Blow Your Mind
Because of the growing abundance of “trending stories” and unavoidable, un-ignorable zeitgeist moments, digital publishers have a heavier burden than ever to make content unique and recognizable at first glance. Social media i ... more details

The Dark Side Of Sideboobs (We Are What We Click)
This panel will provide a horrifying view of humanity, based on click trends. What if we are what we read online? What if the measure of a person is, in fact, their browser history? That's a scary thought, because we know what ... more details

7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better Speaker
This session will teach you 7 easy to apply steps from the world of standup comedy to improve your presentation and public speaking skills, using one of the most powerful tools available to us: Laughter. These 7 Comedic Habits are ... more details

Why Brands Can't Afford To Ignore Millennials
Brands know they can’t afford to ignore the millennial female shopper. That’s all good, but there needs to be a new kind of marketing language and approach. If they want to reap the rewards of a loyal consumer AND brand advoca ... more details

Those Who Don't Take Risks Don't Drink Champagne
The theme of the panel is as follows: ‘A ship is safest in a harbor – but that’s not what ships are built for’. The panel consists of entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries who will share very personal stories and ... more details

How Viral Marketing Really Works: Myths & Legends
Viral marketing. Executives across industries have charged their in-house teams and agencies with "make it go viral". But what does that actually mean? And more importantly, HOW can you possibly make something go viral? We are not ... more details

Who is innovating faster: publishers or brands?
Publishers and advertisers are in an arms race to reorient their approach in an effort to be quicker, nimbler, and more flexible in responding to user needs. What has each industry done well? Where have they fallen short? What can ... more details

Conversations with Digital Natives - Teens talk
At conferences like this around the world, we hear from lots of experts about what digital natives do; how they think and how they view the future. I brought my daughter to one of those sessions and she kept saying "we don't do th ... more details

Post-MOOC World: The Real Promise of Online EDU
Technology is fundamentally changing the future of education. Affecting everything from the role of the teacher, curriculum development, and learning design - technology is redefining the way schools work and creating more organic ... more details

BoozeTech: Investing in Vice & The New Wild West
Alcohol has been culturally significant since the beginning of recorded history, but while other industries have been revolutionized by technology over the past decade, the adult beverage industry has experienced very little disru ... more details

Who Runs the World? Millennials
From interacting with a keyboard at a young age to relying on smart phones to control each element of their lives, it’s obvious that millennials view and interact with the world in a different way. Millennials are looking to tec ... more details

Product Leads:Dictators, Democracy & the Good King
Who makes the final decision for product? Weak product leaders let consensus rule. There's a town in Chiapas, Mexico where no law can change without unanimous agreement -anthropologists study it because nothing ever changes. Like ... more details

Data-Driven Strategy vs. Editorial Gut Instinct
Personal taste and intuition used to rule editorial strategy for women’s media brands. Today, armed with live data feeds, in-depth analytics tools, and constant user feedback, content planning and brand strategy has become a sor ... more details

How potato salad raised $50K & you can too
Zack "Danger" Brown asked the internet for $10 to make potato salad. Four days later, his Kickstarter campaign had raised more than $10,000 and he appeared on the set of Good Morning America, CNBC and Fox News. In the ensuing mont ... more details

Wearable Tech & Design: Cracking Mainstream Trends
When asked why now is the time for the connected home and the “Internet of Things”, many refer to the smartphone revolution. But we think this is just the beginning and predict that within the next five years, wearables will b ... more details

How APIs are Driving Innovation in SMB Solutions
Small businesses drive almost 50 percent of US private-sector employment and contend with many of the same issues as big businesses, with far fewer resources. Operating in competitive markets with razor thin margins, many are stru ... more details

Re-Inventing Ecommerce for a Mobile World
Since the late 1990's e-commerce has not changed much. Products get listed online with a price, a description, additional attributes and then people that want the products, buy them. Simple. You would think that the evolution of t ... more details

Unlocking the Promise of Local
For the last decade, local has been considered the next frontier for startups. But for all the promise, the landscape is littered with startups that have tried to crack local and spectacularly failed (Kozmo, Webvan, etc). Hundreds ... more details

Managing Millennials: Educating the New Workforce
Millennials are professionally antsy - they’re always looking for their next big break and many of them aren’t only seeking more innovative companies, they’re also looking for a mission that they can really get behind. With ... more details
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