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For free radicals who'd work in a community than a company. Members recommended by current Grindists.
Murray Hill    419 Park Ave S, 2nd Fl, New York
Fixed Desk: $500/mo
Conference Room   Printer/Scanner   WiFi   24/7 Access   Kitchen   Receptionist  
  How people work is changing.

Over the last ten years a new way of working has emerged. People are available 24/7. They network endlessly, and collaborate constantly. They choose when and how they do what they do, on their terms. They donʼt want job security, they want career fluidity. We call them free radicals. And theyʼre creating the future of work.

Where people work is stagnant.

When free radicals look for a place to do all that, the options are weirdly outdated: office, home, or on the go at a coffee shop. Offices mean fixed cost and daily routine. Home is isolated and full of distractions, and coffee shops get old after the second latté. What other options do they have?

That’s exactly what we thought.

We decided to start again. We designed a new work experience just for free radicals: a physical location coupled with digital resources and a community of like-minded people.

You can get a desk, sofa, or a meeting room, all in an elegantly-engineered space, that allows for collaborative stimulation or solo tunneling as needed. Thereʼs awesome coffee. There’s killer broadband, video conferencing, quality printing, access to hand-picked resources for everything from the best lunch places to a car service to the airport. There are magical ways to connect with other members, to share work or team up. And did we mention the awesome coffee?

Is this too good to be true? No, it’s just realistic. We want to make sure you work as you wish, and we’re here to make your career less of a “job” and more friction free.

We built Grind in a free radical way. Coming together to build the parts: Co:, a brand innovation collective, Cool Hunting, the definitive daily update on the intersection of art, design, culture and technology, Behance, the world's leading platform for creative professionals, and Breakfast, a next generation ad agency with a quirky disposition.

So whatʼs Grind again? Is it a space, a community, a toolkit?
Yes. With the future of work built right in and we want you to be a part of it.
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